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Dynamic Youth Award

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Today, our dynamic youth group held their long awaited digi-event for the residents of St Mary’s.

The group carefully planned the whole afternoon and the residents had a blast! The children loaded the VR Headsets with places the residents enjoyed visiting as children or always dreamed of visiting. They toured Germany, Paris, Canada and even had time for a 360 hot air balloon ride and 360 shark experience. The headsets proved a great hit! The children also discussed how school had changed over time and gave the residents time to explore the promethean board before a quick tour of some classrooms.

Everyone agreed- schools certainly have changed!


Microsoft Office 365 Free Download

With Christmas fast approaching many of you might find Santa has brought you a new ipad, tablet, laptop or phone. It is worth remembering you can download all microsoft office apps for free!

To install, follow the instructions below .

Office 365 ProPlus

All Glow users, can get copies of Microsoft Office 2016 to use on their home devices – PC, Mac, phones and tablets.

This will enable the use of a range of Microsoft products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote etc) on up to 15 home devices without cost (the 15 licences being split as 5 for PCs and/or Macs, 5 for tablets and 5 for phones).

To do this, login to Glow, from the launch pad click the Office 365 Home tile (image below) then the “Install Office apps” button and follow the instructions.

Note that if downloading to an iPad or iPhone the process is different, the apps should be downloaded from the App Store and then log in using the Glow username. There is more information from Microsoft available here.

When logging in, you will be asked to enter your user name and this is your Glow user name plus the domain e.g., once you do this, you will be transferred to the usual Glow login screen, when you enter your details here your registration is complete.

The Glow username will only activate the software for as long as that account is active in Glow.

It is also possible to download the apps from within Microsoft O365 – within O365, click on the Office 365 link in the top left of your screen and from the O365 home page, click on “Install Office 2016”.

SmartSTEMs and Glasgow Clyde College Event

P6 and P7 pupils visited Glasgow Clyde College to participate in SmartSTEM’s  Interactive conference. Children were inspired by the engaging speakers, hands on workshops and the industry exhibitor fayre. View our gallery  or watch the SmartSTEMs info video to find out more.

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Free-Microsoft Office Pro

Download Microsoft Office Apps for Free

Pupils can download, for free, the Microsoft Office 2016 apps on up to 15 personal devices; up to 5 PCs or Macs, 5 tablets (Windows, iPad and Android) and 5 phones. Making these apps available helps Glow users take full advantage of the opportunities these tools offer. The Office apps which include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote provide a learning platform that extends beyond school and into the world of work.

Disclaimer In order to qualify for this benefit, you must be an East Renfrewshire employee with a Glow account or a pupil attending an East Renfrewshire school. You must understand that you are entering into an agreement with Microsoft and not East Renfrewshire Council.

 To access the Office Apps installation file please follow the steps below:

  2. Click the Office Pro Plus tile located on the Shared Launch Pad.
  3. The next window will display the Install button as well as links to other useful information.

There is also guidance available on Glow:

Hedgehog Home Project

Two of our pupils have been working very hard to create a hedgehog home for our school garden. Collecting materials and researching  an effective design were a focus. Today the boys had an opportunity to work with Mr Ormond at St Luke’s. Working as a team they sawed, drilled and screwed pieces together to form the outer house. Next week the boys will paint and design an entrance.

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