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World Book Day 2018

Celebrating World Book Day at Home

If you find yourself snowed in today, go ahead and celebrate World Book Day anyway and find time in the day to share a story, to read, to enjoy books.

You can also visit the World Book Day website, they have fantastic activities and live events throughout the day. Here are a few of our top picks from their website.

  • World Book Day’s World of Stories, where you can listen to audio excerpts, and now for World Book Day 2018 full-length audiobooks of your favourite children’s books!
  • Facebook live story event. At 7pm you can join Roald Dahl’s Giant Bugs for a rambunctious re-telling of James and the Giant Peach.
  • Bumper book quiz, an online interactive quiz.


Get Creative

  • Put on a play at home, dress up  and act out a scene from your favourite story.
  • Create alternative endings to your favourite stories.
  • Draw, paint or create a 3D sculpture of your favourite scene, or character.
  • Build a story den in your room using blankets and pillows,  snuggle up with your favourite book, a torch and read. Here’s a guide on creating the perfect reading den  The perfect reading den
  • Write your very own story and share it with your family.

Helpful  Leaflets




Author Visit

Visit by Author, AH Proctor

 Thumble Tumble Book Series

– Follow the Adventure!

Primary 4, 5 and Primary 6 enjoyed a special visit from Angela Proctor this morning. Angela read from her book and also involved the children in some imagination games to really get there creative brains working!

More about the books 

The series is an excellent and imaginative tale set on the Isle of Arran following the adventures of a little witch, Thumble Tumble. The second book in the series of eight novels was published on Halloween with the first, Thumble Tumble and the Ollpheist proving extremely popular for all primary aged children.

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Chloe has been very busy writing her sequel to Class Dojo.

She is very proud to present Class Dojo Part 2

When they drank the potion they never died because it was the wrong one and they took the tag  off the bottle.The bottle had changed. Riley said “Noooo” Sofia said  “Nooo” too. They were really angry! It was Chloe , Poppy, Charlotte and Keira who changed the potion. They took the poisonous potion away.


Then Chloe, Poppy, Keira , Charlotte and everyone else except Riley and Sofia made a dance to celebrate.

Riley and Sofia started to cry because they were really sad. They cried so much they made a pool….in the school!


Riley and Sofia were begging Chloe, Poppy, Keira and Charlotte to be in their team. Chloe and Charlotte felt sorry for them and said “Yes”. Poppy and Keira said “No”.


Then a fight began and Sofia said “How about Chloe and Poppy play rock, paper, scissors” So that’s exactly what they did! Chloe said “Paper” and Poppy said “rock”. Riley and Sophia made the good team!


The End.


P3 StoryWriting

Chloe created her very own story called “Class Dojo”.

Class Dojo


Once upon a time there lived lots of monsters. There was one called Chloe. There was one called Poppy. There was one called Keira and one called Charlotte. One day they were going to a different school. When they got there they saw some monsters bullying other monsters. The monsters names were Riley and Sophia.


The other monsters were really scared of Riley and Sofia so they ran back to class. “Phew” Chloe said. “That was a close one” said Charlotte. “They nearly got us!” said Keira. “I hope we never see them again” said Poppy. But then they noticed Riley and Sofia’s name tag across from them…


When they came in they said “Drink this”. Before they gave it they took a tag off the bottle that said POISON. Then the bell rang and they were too late. Then the teacher came in. They started doing lots and lots of maths.

At breaktime they drank the poison potion and…


To be continued

Looking for a Holiday Challenge?


The October week is a fantastic opportunity for pupils to continue their reading journey.

Some Activity Ideas

  • Set a target to read 3 or 4 books
  • Create a reading corner or den in your bedroom
  • Draw a picture of your favourite story character
  • Create a new book cover
  • Act out your favourite part of a story and perform it for the family
  • Share a story
  • Visit the Foundry and pick up a few of the Scottish Book Trust’s top 300 book recommendations for children.
  • P4-7 pupils could record any books they read in their reading passport for the First Minister’s Reading Challenge.
  • Create your own top 10 booklist

You can also share your reading adventures with us throughout the week and beyond. Why not tweet us any photos, books your child is reading, recommendations of books you loved as a child or any other reading activities you take part in to @stjohnsERC

Describing the Setting


Erin has been learning how to engage a reader by describing what she can see, touch, hear and smell.

Blossom World  By  Erin McKeag

As I looked all around me I could see blossoms everywhere that had fallen off the trees. To my right and to my left I could see thin, tall, brown blossom trees. Above me I could see the blue, crystal-clear, crisp, sky with fluffy white clouds, rolling in front of the sun. Underneath me I could hear the blossoms singing as I walked on them. What a magical place! I thought to myself. Suddenly out of nowhere a little girl about the same size as me appeared beside me (she was the blossom princess). She wore a white layered, puffy, long dress, it was pink with pink blossoms at the bottom. She was skipping alongside me. I was walking on a blossom path that had fallen from the trees. Then I looked up and saw that the clouds in the calm blue sky had turned pink, and funny little blossom men were walking about as well. They were humming happily. I could smell the sweet blossoms and flowers.