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Starting School


St. John’s Primary 



In St. John’s Primary School we wish your child to move from Nursery to 

primary one with confidence and to build on his / her pre school education 

and experience. 

We have a programme in place that supports your child’s move 

from nursery to school which allows them to visit the school 

over the coming months in friendship groups from Arthurlie 

and Carlibar, or if your child attends another nursery an 

invitation will be extended to your child to attend. During this 

time we will liaise with your child’s nursery to ensure a smooth transition. 

We will support you and offer advice in the next steps of your child’s 

education and have planned induction days for parents and their children 

on the following dates: 


 Monday 2nd June 1.45pm – 2.45pm Welcome to St. John’s

 Monday 9th June 1.45pm – 2.45pm Your child’s Learning Experience.


Please come along to both of these sessions, tea and coffee will be 

available and parents / carers / grandparents will be given the opportunity 

to see round the school and speak to staff. 

During these visits children will have an 

opportunity to take part in various activities 

within the classroom as well as getting to 

know each other before they start in August