Adverse Weather Conditions

East Renfrewshire schools will only be closed in extreme circumstances but in the event of severe disruption we have put the following strategies in place:

·         If the school is closed during the course of a school day you will be contacted, in the first instance, by text message and email. Please ensure we have a current mobile phone number of a local contact on our records for this purpose. Please remember to let us know should your mobile or email address change during the course of the year.

·         The text will ask you to make arrangements to collect your child as soon as possible.

·         For those of you who live some distance away it would be beneficial, where possible, to have a contact close to the school for situations such as heavy snow fall (please notify the school).

·         Your child will be kept here until someone comes for him/her.

·         Once the school has been officially closed regular updates will be posted on the East Renfrewshire Council website and on the school’s website and Twitter.