P1 Meet the Teacher Feedback

What did you like about today’s event?   What could we do better?
It was good to see what the children are doing in class and to meet my Daughter’s teacher. More notice for events in general.  Having taken time off in the first week for settling in etc., it was not possible to take time off on the Monday and the Wednesday for the P1 lunch.  With a bit more notice, this may have been possible.
Being able to understand what the children are learning and how it is taught.  Was great learning about Dojo points and what the children can do to earn them. Maybe circulate the dates earlier, before summer to arrange work commitments, but nothing really!
It was very useful and got to find out everything that will be happening in class and what I can do to help. It’s a nice way to meet the Teacher.
It was very informative.  I got some good tips when it comes to homework resources we can use.  It was nice to see the classroom and to hear about a typical week day.
Thank you for my invitation to meet you.  I enjoyed seeing and hearing what Mark will be doing.  I am still learning English and therefore probably missed a little information.