P7 Meet the Teacher Feedback

What did you like about today’s event?   What could we do better?
Very informative.  Very comfortable and lovely man.
Very good and happy to meet Dylan’s new teacher.  Looking forward to what Dylan can do for preparing for high school life. Nothing, was perfect!
It was a great opportunity to meet the new teacher and to get to know their work in P7.  A lot of useful information that was great. Nothing.
Concisely delivered talk, very informative! Can’t think of anything!
Lots of useful information.
The classroom space is very inviting and bright. Nothing.
It was good to see all the things that Emma has been talking about in her class since she started in P7.  It will be good to use the interactive tools.
Good to find out about everything that will happen in P7.  Very informative.
It’s good to see where the children learn. Nothing.
Very relaxed and informal, nice to see the classroom and the set up for P7.
Very informative and well presented.
Well presented. Don’t tell the children about the homework!
Was very good.  Found it very interesting.  Lots to find out, glad I came. Nothing.  The teacher was fab.  Found out all I needed to know and more!
I liked finding out about the curriculum my child will be following.  It seems to be a full on year!