P3a Meet the Teacher Feedback

What did you like about today’s event?   What could we do better?
It was great to see the kids classroom and their work.  Mr Murray is very informative and I am sure he will be great and bring out each child’s individual talents in class.   Can’t think of anything!
It’s useful to see the class set up and find out how we can help at home with their learning.  
It was great to hear/see the progression from P2 to P3.  Lots of learning activities displayed around the classroom.  
Hearing exactly what the kids are doing in class.  It helps to know so that I can be better at homework time.  
Was great to meet Mr Murray in class, he’s very positive about children’s learning.  
Everything, it was really interesting.  Found out a lot.  The Teacher is really nice.   Not a thing.
Found today very helpful and informative, it was good to see class layout activities on the wall etc.  Homework information was informative and structured.  
It was interesting finding out about class life and strategies used for teaching pupils.  Good to see the child’s class environment and learning what is expected of homework etc.  PowerPoint was excellent.  
Got to meet the Teacher and hear about the work they will be doing and hear info about projects and homework.   Maybe introductions so the Teacher was aware who each parent was (Mr Murray probably knows this though).
Clear and simple approach.  It is good to know what children are going to do for the next school year.  
I enjoyed getting an insight to what the school year holds for the class.  The class looks great with the colourful posters and pictures of the kids.