Describing the Setting


Erin has been learning how to engage a reader by describing what she can see, touch, hear and smell.

Blossom World  By  Erin McKeag

As I looked all around me I could see blossoms everywhere that had fallen off the trees. To my right and to my left I could see thin, tall, brown blossom trees. Above me I could see the blue, crystal-clear, crisp, sky with fluffy white clouds, rolling in front of the sun. Underneath me I could hear the blossoms singing as I walked on them. What a magical place! I thought to myself. Suddenly out of nowhere a little girl about the same size as me appeared beside me (she was the blossom princess). She wore a white layered, puffy, long dress, it was pink with pink blossoms at the bottom. She was skipping alongside me. I was walking on a blossom path that had fallen from the trees. Then I looked up and saw that the clouds in the calm blue sky had turned pink, and funny little blossom men were walking about as well. They were humming happily. I could smell the sweet blossoms and flowers.