Primary 6 ‘Meet the Teacher’ Feedback


Meet the Teacher

Primary 6

On Monday the 24th of August parents, guardians or family members were invited along to a Meet the Teacher event, below is a snap shot of the feedback left.

 “It was very interesting, the children all seem to have lots of great things to learn about and it all seems very good.”

“Informative, the year ahead seems very busy and fun.”

“Everything was great, it was so informative.  I hadn’t realised the variety of work covered, learning is so much fun nowadays.”

“Very informative. The busy schedule for Primary 6 was well explained and the interactive nature of the talk was really helpful.”

“Very informed.  Well-presented information.”

“It was very informative and good to know what and how the children are learning and what is expected from them.  Think this will be very encouraging.”