Parent Council Minutes September 2014

 St John’s Parent Council Meeting

Minutes 1st Sept 2014

Present; Marie Canning, Kathryn Jones, Elaine Stewart, Allison Cassidy, Andrea Brogan, Louise Hutchison (LH1), Suzanne Healey, Michelle Ross, Louise Hunter(LH2), Jennifer Capaldi

Church rep; Margaret Higgins

School Reps; Annemarie Gordon, Elaine O’Donnell, Laura Mc Pherson

Council Reps; Apologies Cllr Hay

Apologies Mary Leonard, Joanne Jackson, Lynne Kilpatrick.


  1. Opening Prayer ; MH
  2. Vice chair opened meeting, thanked all for attending, welcomed new members, all members introduced themselves.
  3. Previous minutes read & approved. Alteration to plan to hold meetings in St Johns, this isn’t acceptable to ERC, future meetings will be held in St Luke’s High.
  4. ES asked all members to read & sign Code of Conduct, all complied. MC explained slight change to running order of agenda.
  5. MR was introduced and she explained her role as member responsible for ensuring all PVG are carried out. MR issued application forms to JC & LH2. MR will also contact other parents that have expressed interest in being involved with school events. PVG can take up to 6 weeks to be approved & returned.
  6. Correspondence received; letter from pupil council thanking Parent Council for money for wet play boxes. £30 per class, 8 classes, £240 spent by pupils, who were very grateful.
  7. Chair, MC, read the Annual Report, it is available for all to see, AMG will highlight to parents that it is available on website.
  8. HTR; Copy enclosed. LMcP explained School Plan & thanked AC & LH1 for taking part in the process to make it more parent friendly… EOD outlined the steering group of P7 for Equality & Rights Respecting Schools. Volunteers will be required for Anti Bullying Training, 2 members of PC.

Shopper’s night confirmed for 7th November. Pupil council elections taking place.


  1. AC gave Treasurers Report. Previous Balance was £1879.

Since then there has been numerous expenditure, including Easter Eggs, Communion & Confirmation gifts, Reading Books, Various gifts for Head Boy & Girl, Parish Priest, PC members, Mrs Kennedy, Wet play boxes, Liability Insurance.

Balance £274.94. Invoices from ES & MC to be deducted.

Mrs Aitken had requested playground equipment, but as LMcP has applied for a Tesco Community Grant, it was agreed to wait & see outcome of application before issuing any money. MC received word that £335 was available from Cluster Club for P7 trip.

10 Annual Audit, new member LH2 is a qualified accountant and has agreed to audit books. PC extends thanks to Louise for this service.

11 AOCB; MH raised a concern from Fr Paul that children’s liturgy at 10am mass is poorly attended & asked school to encourage children to attend. Several members expressed concern regarding the amount of dogs being brought into school playground. Signs will be erected on fences and community wardens will be asked to attend school to advise parents / carers that ERC do not allow dogs on school property.

A P7 leaving parent was concerned that their child did not receive an award at Award Ceremony. EOD explained whole system & PC are happy that it is a fair & equal system. P7 parents present, MC, SH & ES also expressed their thanks for assembly and could find no fault.

12 Following Office Bearers nominated & accepted.

Chair- Marie Canning, Vice Chair- Elaine Stewart, Secretary- Kathryn Jones, Treasurer- Allison Cassidy, Louise Hunter.

As a new PC member Louise will assist AC for next months before taking over.

13 Closing Prayer; MH

Next meeting 1 December 2014 in St Luke’s High School.