Teddy’s Day Out by Erin McKeag

Once upon a time there was a brown, soft and fluffy teddy. Teddy lived in a nursery. His friends were nine ponies called Fluttershy, Twilight-Sparkle, Pinky-Pie, Princess Celsetia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence, Rainbow-dash, Rarity and Apple-Jack. He was also friends with one baby dragon called Spike.
One night teddy had an amazing dream. His dream was about going off on an adventure to a castle and in his dream he learned how to ice-skate with a princess. So the very next morning he went to a castle because he had escaped out of the window. At the castle he met a Princess just like in his dream. The Princess played with teddy for a wee while.
Then they went to an ice-rink. Next the Princess taught him how to ice-skate. His dream had come true. Finally it was time to go home but he had forgot his way back to the nursery. The Princess showed Teddy that she was magic and with a flash of sparkles he was back at the nursery but to his surprise he was sitting on a throne. He was the King! Well, an exhausted King!