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Tesco Bank Football Festival 2017

As part of our Health & Wellbeing programme, primary 2 children will be taking part in a football festival at Kinston Playing Fields, Neilston tomorrow Thursday 11th May, leaving the school at 11.40am and returning at 3pm. They will be travelling  by coach. Pupils must bring a packed lunch (it was too late for the kitchen to provide packed lunches), a water bottle and bring a full PE kit with sessions being held outdoors.

Josephine McGrotty
Acting Head Teacher

Rainforest Rescue

Mirin in P2 has raised an amazing £417.50 by doing a sponsored cycle. Here is the information from her ‘ Just Giving’ page. Outstanding, Mirin, Well done!

I am nearly 7 years old and have been doing a topic at school about the rainforest. I learned that the rainforest has a forest floor, understory, canopy and emergent layers and is really important for keeping the worlds air clean.

I was sad because people are cutting all the trees down to make money because they want to be rich.

I asked my dad how I could stop people cutting down the rainforest and we decided on a sponsored bike ride because I love cycling. I will be training hard before my big cycle on Sunday 25th May.

Please give any donation you can and I will give all the money to the World Wildlife Foundation to help protect the rainforest.

Thank you very much

Holmwood House Primary 2

Primaries 2a and 2b            Wednesday 4th June 9.30am – 12.30pm
Primaries 2c and 2d            Wednesday 4th June 12.00pm – 2.30pm

As part of our term 3 topic ‘The Local Area,’ we have arranged a visit to our original school home, Holmwood House in Cathcart.
On our visit, the children will take part in activities in Holmwood House itself and also in the surrounding grounds – story telling, scavenger hunt, mini beast hunt and more.
Buses will leave school at 9.30 and return at 2.45.
Children should come to school dressed appropriately for the weather and outdoor activities
Children should bring a packed lunch, labelled and in a plastic bag for ease of disposal
Cost of the trip is £1 towards transport, the remainder being subsidised by the P.S.A.
There is a shop in the house and if you wish your child to buy a small souvenir, we would recommend a maximum of £2
If there are any changes to medical conditions / medications from the medical consent form you completed at the beginning of this session, please inform the school office
Any parent with an East Renfrewshire Disclosure /PVG Certificate who wishes to accompany the class please indicate on the slip below

Primary 2b

As part of our Katie Morag topic, we have been learning about island life. We now know that an island is an area of land surrounded by water so we used a Globe and Atlas to find different islands around the world. We also looked at Scotland and shared our ideas about how different life is in a city, like Glasgow, to a Scottish Island, like the Isle of Coll (or the Isle of Struay where Katie Morag lives).



In Numeracy we have been practising our addition to 10 and addition to 20 using active partner activities such as ‘Silent Maths’ and ‘Guess My Hidden Number’. We have also been exploring teen numbers by adding 10 to a single digit number.


Primary 2d

In Primary Two we have been learning to add up to twenty. We worked in small groups and used our cubes to explore the story of 11 and 12.


During our PE lessons we have been improving our fitness. We have been working at different stations with different activities to help us do this. We have been bouncing and catching the basketball, doing star jumps, jumping over obstacles and running.



Do you think we look like good atheletes?