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Getting to School Safely Week 2019


Thank you to all the pupils, parents and members of staff who helped make this week possible.

Over the course of the week the Junior Road Safety Officers took   part in a number of different activities to promote the different ways we can make our school a safer place. The committee discussed that the car park was the biggest area of concern.

Each day 4 members of the committee took on the role as parking attendants in the car park. Though most most drivers were courteous and most pupils and parents moved safely around the car parks,  the committee noticed a number of issues that can easily be fixed such as:
• Children being dropped off in the bus spaces.
• Children jumping out of the cars onto the road and the zebra crossing.
• Parents/carers parking in disabled parking spaces.
• Parents/carers parking in the drop off areas.
• Parents/carers using the staff and bus car park spaces instead of the visitor’s car park.

Please can you ensure that if you are needing to park your car and take your child into the school playground that you use the parking spaces provided, as by using the drop off area you are preventing other parents and carers from using this facility.

The JRSO committee will be continuing to work on improving the safety of our car park throughout the year and will be out completing spot checks to ensure that our car park is being used efficiently. We will continue to work together as a school community to make our car park safer for our children.

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