Jun 232016

Madras Family Centre will close to term time children on Friday, 24th June.  We will return as normal on Monday, 15th August 2016.

During the summer the centre will remain open for children who have opted for holiday provision.

We will also be running two parenting groups throughout the summer, PoPP – Incredible Years which is a 14 week group running every Thursday until October and Let’s Play which will run for three days.  If these are of interest to you please speak to Mrs Armstrong for more information.

All the staff at Madras Family Centre wish you a very happy summer holiday (with lots of sun and fun) and we look forward to seeing you in the new term.

Jun 152016


Graduation will take place on Friday, 17th June 2016 with arrangements as follows;

AM Session

09:15am                      Parents to drop off at St Thomas Church Hall

10:00am                      Doors will open to guests

10:15am Sharp           Graduation will start

PM Session

13:00pm                      Parents to drop off at St Thomas Church Hall

13:30pm                      Doors will open to guests

13:45pm Sharp           Graduation will start

Children may be collected by an appropriate adult immediately after the ceremony is finished.

Picture Panda will also be selling pre-school graduation photos – both individual and Class of 2016 on the day.

Jun 142016

Throughout the year the children have been encouraged and supported to recognise how to be healthy and to use healthy practises where possible.  These have included hand washing, tooth brushing and healthy snacks.

During discussions with the children about being healthy a few of them suggested that we have smoothies for our snack as these can “be good for us”!  To prepare for making our smoothies several children wrote and drew lists of ingredients they wished to use and described how we would make our smoothies.

The suggestions made by the children regarding ingredients were followed and the next day we used these to make our very own smoothies!  The children were able to express their likes and dislikes about the smoothies, they were highly involved in the process and also demonstrated understanding about being healthy e.g. they are aware that too much sugar can “make your teeth rot” and “make your tummy sick”.

P1130616 P1130617 P1130618 P1130620 P1130621 P1130622 P1130623 P1130624 P1130625 P1130626 P1130627 P1130628 P1130629 P1130630 P1130631 P1130633 P1130635 P1130636 P1130637 P1130638 P1130640 P1130641 P1130642

Jun 102016

All rooms have been involved in planning and creating their very own decorative wheelbarrow, our theme that we chose for this was ‘Peppa Pig and Miss Rabbit Visit The Queen’.  The children have worked very hard to make sure it looks great!

This competition has been organised by the National Trust for Scotland in celebration of the Queen’s 90th birthday and all twenty one entries will be on display this weekend, Saturday, 11th and Sunday 12th June at Greenbank Garden Centre, Clarkston before being judged to decide who will win the coveted trophy for a year.

We would be grateful if you could go along this weekend and vote for us.

Here are some pictures of our finished wheelbarrow!

P1160973 P1170016  P1170018  P1160974  P1170017

May 262016

let's play logo

Let’s Play Madras would love you to join them to share some learning, laughter and family time.

This will take place on Tuesday, 12th, Wednesday, 13th and Thursday, 14th July 2016 from 9.30am until 11.30am (attendance required at all three sessions).

These sessions will incorporate a one hour workshop for parents and one hour of fun filled play with your child.

This will be a great opportunity to share ideas, chat over challenges and discover why play is so important in the life of your child.

For more information please see Mrs Armstrong. (Places are limited).

May 232016

Mycutegraphics Commay Flowers Clip Art Image

We will be closed on Friday, 27th and Monday, 30th May for May weekend and Tuesday, 31st May for an In Service Day. 

The family centre will reopen on Wednesday, 1st June as normal. 

May 232016

A reminder that the class of 2016 will be graduating on Friday, 17th June 2016 at St Thomas Church Hall.  The times for AM and PM graduations are;  10.15am and 13.45pm.  More information will follow.
May 232016
Parent Consultations will commence as follows, please see your child’s key worker if you havent already made an appointment.  Thank you.

Purple Group            Wednesday, 1st June 2016

Green Group             Thursday, 2nd June 2016

Yellow Group            Friday, 3rd June 2016

Blue Group                Monday, 6th June 2016

Red Group                 Tuesday, 7th June 2016

Orange Group           Wednesday, 8th June 2016


May 132016

Last week our final egg hatched, we named this chick Lucky.  Mrs Robertson took the chicks home last weekend to take care of them whilst the Family Centre was shut.  When they returned on Monday the children couldnt believe how big they were getting!  They had even started to grow feathers instead of fluff!

Today it was time to say goodbye to our chicks.  They were rehomed with Elyza and Zofia’s families.  We have had great fun looking after our chicks and the children (and parents) have enjoyed watching them grow.

Elyza and Zofia’s mums have promised to keep us up-to-date with how the chicks get on.

PTDC0394 PTDC0396 PTDC0399 PTDC0390 PTDC0389 PTDC0397 PTDC0398PTDC0973

May 132016


Tooth Molar Clipart Free Clip Art Images

All ante-pre school children have received a letter in relation to dental inspections that will be happening here at Madras Family Centre.  Should you wish your child not to have this inspection please write to the Family Centre.

May 122016

We are holding a Book Fair here at Madras starting today and ending on Tuesday, 17th May. 

These will be available at the start and end of each session in the hallway of Playrooms 1 and 2.

The good news is all books are half price! 

Pop in and have a look, there are lots to choose from.

May 052016

We had a very special delivery of eggs to the Family Centre on Tuesday. This has caused lots of excitement in not only the children but in the parents and staff also!

These eggs were all put inside an incubator and the waiting started……

PTDC1413 PTDC1414

We counted the eggs, there were 10 of them.

When we arrived at nursery the next day one of the eggs had hatched!  It was a girl, the children named her Zara.

PTDC1416 PTDC1418 PTDC1419 PTDC1420 PTDC1421 PTDC1422 PTDC1423

Later that morning more of the eggs began to crack, “its coming out” Charlie said. It was another girl and she was named Belle!  “They came out the egg” said Jessica, “its so cute” Eulalie said. 

PTDC1424 PTDC1425 PTDC1428 PTDC1441 PTDC1443 PTDC1444 PTDC1447 PTDC1448 PTDC1442 PTDC1445 PTDC1449 PTDC1450

Another girl and a boy hatched!  Their names are Daisy and Robin. “The eggs cracking” said Mya, Ava said “Twins like us”. Ocean said “Its a girl”.

Batman followed quickly behind and then Rocky hatched just before it was time for the staff to go home.

PTDC1463 PTDC1451 PTDC1452 PTDC1455 PTDC1457 PTDC1458 PTDC1459 PTDC1460

When we came in the next morning another two had hatched overnight, a boy called Marshall and a girl called Buttercup.

It was getting a bit crowded in the incubator so we moved the chicks to a special box that is called a brooder.  This has a light in it to keep the chicks warm and we have made a bed for the chicks and given them water and food. Boyd said “They live in a coup”.

When we were moving them the children were able to hold the chicks, Ewan said “Its so soft”, Jamie said “Its fluffy”, “Its nails dig in” said Alex.

PTDC0339 PTDC0340 PTDC0341 PTDC0342 PTDC0343 PTDC0344 PTDC0345 PTDC0346 PTDC0347 PTDC0348 PTDC0349 PTDC0350 PTDC0351 PTDC0352 PTDC0353 PTDC0354 PTDC0355 PTDC0356 PTDC0357 PTDC0358 PTDC0361 PTDC0363 PTDC0364 PTDC0365 PTDC0366 PTDC0368 PTDC0369 PTDC0370 PTDC0372 PTDC0373 PTDC0374 PTDC0375 PTDC0377 PTDC0378 PTDC0379 PTDC0381PTDC1485 PTDC1486 PTDC1488 PTDC1489

We are now waiting on our other two hatching.

To be continued………


Apr 212016




Long may this lovely warm weather continue!

Please remember when it is nice and sunny to send your child to nursery wearing sunscreen and a sun hat.



Apr 192016

Kids Graduation

All pre-school childen will have their photos taken both individually and as the graduating “Class of 2016” – AM and PM session. 

Picture Panda will provide children with graduation hats and gowns for photos.  They have also asked that photos are taken in children’s bare feet. 

The anticipated schedule for these photographs are as follows:

Room 1 (Red, Purple and Orange Groups)  –  Thursday, 21st April 2016

Room 2 (Blue and Green Groups)                  –  Friday, 22nd April 2016

Unfortunately these are the only two days Picture Panda are in attendance at nursery, therefore, if your child will not be at nursery on their allocated room day please let staff know and we will do our best to ensure their photographs are taken on the alternate day.

All photographs and packages will be on sale at our Graduation Ceremonies (both AM and PM sessions) on Friday, 17th June 2016.

Apr 012016

Spring Break

We will close today for the Spring Break and will reopen on
Monday, 18th April 2016.
All the staff at Madras Family Centre wish you a happy holiday!
Mar 312016
We celebrated Easter with a Fun Day here at Madras. 
We offered children lots of different experiences, these included face painting, making Easter accessories, baking chocolate nests, Easter egg hunt and various arts and crafts. 
Children also were given the opportunity to move freely around both playrooms which proved very successful.  We trialled self service at snack time where children were given the opportunity to prepare snack.  This took place on picnic benches within our hallway and gave the children the chance to mix with other children from both playrooms. 
Children’s feedback (click on link) was very positive and this is something that we aim to trial on a Friday in the last term.  This would involve children preparing their own snack, socialising with friends and using money in a tuck shop format.  More information regarding this will follow.
We also had an Easter Raffle for the opportunity to win one of two Build a Bear Rabbits or a Chocolate Egg, this was won by:
1st Prize        Emily Arthur
2nd Prize      Charlotte Elliot
3rd Prize       Charlie Heron

P1150981 P1160325 P1160326 PTDC0692 PTDC0694 PTDC0695 PTDC0697 PTDC0702 (2) PTDC0703 (2) PTDC0704 (2) PTDC0705 (2) PTDC0706 (2) PTDC0752 PTDC0753 PTDC0762 PTDC0763 PTDC0765 PTDC0768 PTDC0769 PTDC0771 PTDC0772 PTDC1143 PTDC1144 PTDC1145 PTDC1146 PTDC1147 PTDC1148 PTDC1149 PTDC1150 PTDC1151 PTDC1152 PTDC1153 PTDC1154 PTDC1155 PTDC1156 PTDC1157 PTDC1158 PTDC1159 PTDC1161 PTDC1162 PTDC1163 PTDC1164 PTDC1165 PTDC1166 PTDC1167 PTDC1168 PTDC1170 PTDC1171 PTDC1172 PTDC1173 PTDC1174 PTDC1175 PTDC1176 PTDC1177 PTDC1178   PTDC1182 PTDC1183 PTDC1184 PTDC1185 PTDC1186 PTDC1189 PTDC1193 PTDC1194  PTDC1199 PTDC1200 PTDC1202 PTDC1203   PTDC1209 - Copy PTDC1212 PTDC1213 PTDC1214 PTDC1215 PTDC1218 PTDC1221 PTDC1223 PTDC1224 PTDC1225 PTDC1226 PTDC1227 PTDC1230 PTDC1231 PTDC1232  PTDC1234 PTDC1235 PTDC1236 PTDC1237 PTDC1238 PTDC1239 PTDC1240 PTDC1241 PTDC1242 PTDC1243 PTDC1244 PTDC1245 PTDC1248 PTDC1249 PTDC1250 PTDC1252 PTDC1254 PTDC1255 PTDC1256 PTDC1257 PTDC1258 PTDC1259 PTDC1260 PTDC1262 PTDC1264 PTDC1265 PTDC1266 PTDC1267 PTDC1268 PTDC1270 PTDC1272 PTDC1273

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