Oct 122016

A reminder that Madras Family Centre will close on Thursday, 13th October 2016 for the October break. 

Friday, 14th October is an In Service day where no children will be able to attend the centre. 

Monday, 17th to Friday, 21st October will be closed to term time children unless holiday wrap has been purchased from Mrs Armstrong.

Madras Family Centre Staff Team wish you all a happy October break.

Oct 072016

Madras Family Centre Staff Team would like to say a huge thank you to all who baked, donated, bought and most importantly ate cakes at our Macmillan event on Friday, 30th September.

A big thank you also to everyone who attended, helped and tidied up.  Thank you to the pupils of St Thomas’ and Neilston Primary School for their support on the day.

We are delighted to confirm that together as a local community we raised the fantastic sum of;


Please keep your eye out for our Learning Blog where we will show the children’s involvement and learning on this journey.

Sep 222016

Thank you to all who attended our first fundraising group of this term. 

The key positions have now been allocated. 

We would like to invite more parent/carers to share their ideas on future fundraising activities. 

Please come along to the Family Centre on Wednesday, 28th September at 13:00pm, all welcome. 

If you cannot attend but have any suggestions for fundraising please see Mrs Armstrong or Mrs Robertson.

Sep 212016

Madras Family Centre will be closed on Friday, 23rd and Monday, 26th September for September break. 
We will reopen as normal on Tuesday, 27th September.  
The Madras Staff Team would like to wish you all a happy September break.
Sep 202016

If you require to purchase holiday wrap during the October break please see Mrs Armstrong. 

If you have chosen holiday provision for your 600 hours contract and wish to use some of your 30 hours during the October break please also come to the office.



Sep 152016

Meningitis and septicaemia are diseases which can strike in minutes.  Under fives are the age group most at risk of contracting meningitis and septicaemia.  We believe it is vital to spread awareness and would ask that you follow the link below to learn about the signs and symptoms of meningitis.


Sep 132016

Since returning from our Summer break our Woodland Explorers has resumed.

Below we have lots of pictures of what we have been doing.

Red and Purple Group

Our first outdoor week was very exciting and we participated in so many fun experiences.

  • We worked together in the mud kitchen.
  • We chose to make and use dens and secret hideouts.
  • We used a variety of equipment to help us explore and investigate; binoculars and torches are particularly popular choices.
  • We chose to paint pictures in our outdoor classroom.
  • We even had snack outside!

We have been able to make our own choices within our play outdoors and have lots more wonderful ideas to take forward.

We have started to put together a large group journal to record our experiences and findings outdoors and look forward to filling the pages with our ideas, thoughts, feelings and activities.

P1130862 P1130740 P1130743 P1130744 P1130745 P1130746 P1130748 P1130749 P1130750 P1130752 P1130754 P1130757 P1130758 P1130759 P1130761 P1130762 P1130763 P1130764 P1130765 P1130767 P1130771 P1130774 P1130775 P1130778 P1130779 P1130780 P1130781 P1130784 P1130787 P1130788 P1130789 P1130792 P1130799 P1130802 P1130803 P1130805 P1130806 P1130807 P1130810 P1130811 P1130812 P1130813 P1130814 P1130815 P1130817 P1130819 P1130821 P1130822 P1130823 P1130824 P1130826 P1130828 P1130832 P1130833 P1130834 P1130835 P1130836 P1130837 P1130858 P1130859 P1130860


Yellow and Orange Group

The children enjoyed exploring outdoors, they made grass soup using grass, petals and leaves whilst making their own recipes.  They also made their own kites out of paper to fly in the wind.

PTDC1902 PTDC1915 PTDC1917 PTDC1930 PTDC1931 PTDC1940 PTDC1944 PTDC1951 PTDC1955 PTDC1956 PTDC1957 PTDC1958 PTDC1961 PTDC1962 PTDC1963 PTDC1967 PTDC1973 PTDC1974 PTDC1975 PTDC1977 PTDC1978 PTDC1981 PTDC1984 PTDC1985 PTDC1987 PTDC1989 PTDC1990 PTDC1995 PTDC1996 PTDC1997 PTDC1999 PTDC2001 PTDC2003 PTDC2005 PTDC2006 PTDC2008 PTDC2009

Zander  –  “Writing on paper with Holly – what would you like?”

PTDC2012 PTDC2013 PTDC2014 PTDC2016 PTDC2020 PTDC2021 PTDC2022 PTDC2023 PTDC2025 PTDC2027 PTDC2028 PTDC2029 PTDC2037 PTDC2038 PTDC2039

Jasmine  –  “Liam’s got paper and is rubbing it on the grass”   “I’m writing a recipe for my soup – tomato soup”


Blue, Green and Pink Groups

This was our first opportunity to use the Woodland Explorer area this term.  Children explored the area independently before being asked what they would like to develop.  The children were given opportunities to carry out their chosen suggestions and also participated in lots more experiences including, painting and collage with natural materials, making stars to hang in the outdoor classroom, making an ice bowl and splashing in puddles.

PTDC0979 PTDC0937

Boyd  –  “Make a gnome house with leaves”

Jamie J – “Build a tent”

Ava – “Autumn”

PTDC0940 PTDC0941

PTDC0942 PTDC0943

Leo – “Use binoculars to look for slugs and creatures”

PTDC0949 PTDC0950

Abigail  –  “Climb trees”

PTDC0956 PTDC0957

Olive – “Look for spiders and ladybugs with torches”

PTDC0958 PTDC0959 PTDC0960 PTDC0961 PTDC0964 PTDC0965 PTDC0967 PTDC0968  PTDC0970

PTDC0969   PTDC0972

Lacey – “Find snails”

PTDC0973 PTDC0975  PTDC0976

Amelie, Cora and Jessica – “Play in the mud kitchen”


Aug 192016

We will be starting our Woodland Explorers next week, the Red and Purple group will be the first to remain outdoors all week.

All children should come dressed appropriately for the weather. 

It would be appreciated if you could leave a spare pair of wellies labelled with your children’s name in the family centre at all times.


Aug 172016

The staff team at Madras Family Centre would like to welcome all of our returning and new children.

We hope that you had a pleasant and relaxing summer and look forward to working alongside you.

Please see attached below a handy hint letter for all new children starting;


New Start Notice


Aug 152016

We look forward to welcoming all our new children on their start dates.

On your child’s first day they should arrive at nursery at either 9.30am or 13.30pm (depending on their session).  Parents should remain with their child on this day, this visit will last one hour.

On their second day children will arrive at their normal time dependent on the provision they have chosen (see key worker if unsure).  This visit will last approximately 1 1/2 hours and parents may leave, in consultation with keyworker.  If your child has settled well on the third day they will start and finish at their normal session times.  If your child is taking longer to settle, your key worker will speak to you regarding progressing this.

Jun 232016

Madras Family Centre will close to term time children on Friday, 24th June.  We will return as normal on Monday, 15th August 2016.

During the summer the centre will remain open for children who have opted for holiday provision.

We will also be running two parenting groups throughout the summer, PoPP – Incredible Years which is a 14 week group running every Thursday until October and Let’s Play which will run for three days.  If these are of interest to you please speak to Mrs Armstrong for more information.

All the staff at Madras Family Centre wish you a very happy summer holiday (with lots of sun and fun) and we look forward to seeing you in the new term.

Jun 152016


Graduation will take place on Friday, 17th June 2016 with arrangements as follows;

AM Session

09:15am                      Parents to drop off at St Thomas Church Hall

10:00am                      Doors will open to guests

10:15am Sharp           Graduation will start

PM Session

13:00pm                      Parents to drop off at St Thomas Church Hall

13:30pm                      Doors will open to guests

13:45pm Sharp           Graduation will start

Children may be collected by an appropriate adult immediately after the ceremony is finished.

Picture Panda will also be selling pre-school graduation photos – both individual and Class of 2016 on the day.

Jun 142016

Throughout the year the children have been encouraged and supported to recognise how to be healthy and to use healthy practises where possible.  These have included hand washing, tooth brushing and healthy snacks.

During discussions with the children about being healthy a few of them suggested that we have smoothies for our snack as these can “be good for us”!  To prepare for making our smoothies several children wrote and drew lists of ingredients they wished to use and described how we would make our smoothies.

The suggestions made by the children regarding ingredients were followed and the next day we used these to make our very own smoothies!  The children were able to express their likes and dislikes about the smoothies, they were highly involved in the process and also demonstrated understanding about being healthy e.g. they are aware that too much sugar can “make your teeth rot” and “make your tummy sick”.

P1130616 P1130617 P1130618 P1130620 P1130621 P1130622 P1130623 P1130624 P1130625 P1130626 P1130627 P1130628 P1130629 P1130630 P1130631 P1130633 P1130635 P1130636 P1130637 P1130638 P1130640 P1130641 P1130642

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