Apr 212016




Long may this lovely warm weather continue!

Please remember when it is nice and sunny to send your child to nursery wearing sunscreen and a sun hat.



Apr 192016

Kids Graduation

All pre-school childen will have their photos taken both individually and as the graduating “Class of 2016” – AM and PM session. 

Picture Panda will provide children with graduation hats and gowns for photos.  They have also asked that photos are taken in children’s bare feet. 

The anticipated schedule for these photographs are as follows:

Room 1 (Red, Purple and Orange Groups)  –  Thursday, 21st April 2016

Room 2 (Blue and Green Groups)                  –  Friday, 22nd April 2016

Unfortunately these are the only two days Picture Panda are in attendance at nursery, therefore, if your child will not be at nursery on their allocated room day please let staff know and we will do our best to ensure their photographs are taken on the alternate day.

All photographs and packages will be on sale at our Graduation Ceremonies (both AM and PM sessions) on Friday, 17th June 2016.

Apr 012016

Spring Break

We will close today for the Spring Break and will reopen on
Monday, 18th April 2016.
All the staff at Madras Family Centre wish you a happy holiday!
Mar 312016
We celebrated Easter with a Fun Day here at Madras. 
We offered children lots of different experiences, these included face painting, making Easter accessories, baking chocolate nests, Easter egg hunt and various arts and crafts. 
Children also were given the opportunity to move freely around both playrooms which proved very successful.  We trialled self service at snack time where children were given the opportunity to prepare snack.  This took place on picnic benches within our hallway and gave the children the chance to mix with other children from both playrooms. 
Children’s feedback (click on link) was very positive and this is something that we aim to trial on a Friday in the last term.  This would involve children preparing their own snack, socialising with friends and using money in a tuck shop format.  More information regarding this will follow.
We also had an Easter Raffle for the opportunity to win one of two Build a Bear Rabbits or a Chocolate Egg, this was won by:
1st Prize        Emily Arthur
2nd Prize      Charlotte Elliot
3rd Prize       Charlie Heron

P1150981 P1160325 P1160326 PTDC0692 PTDC0694 PTDC0695 PTDC0697 PTDC0702 (2) PTDC0703 (2) PTDC0704 (2) PTDC0705 (2) PTDC0706 (2) PTDC0752 PTDC0753 PTDC0762 PTDC0763 PTDC0765 PTDC0768 PTDC0769 PTDC0771 PTDC0772 PTDC1143 PTDC1144 PTDC1145 PTDC1146 PTDC1147 PTDC1148 PTDC1149 PTDC1150 PTDC1151 PTDC1152 PTDC1153 PTDC1154 PTDC1155 PTDC1156 PTDC1157 PTDC1158 PTDC1159 PTDC1161 PTDC1162 PTDC1163 PTDC1164 PTDC1165 PTDC1166 PTDC1167 PTDC1168 PTDC1170 PTDC1171 PTDC1172 PTDC1173 PTDC1174 PTDC1175 PTDC1176 PTDC1177 PTDC1178   PTDC1182 PTDC1183 PTDC1184 PTDC1185 PTDC1186 PTDC1189 PTDC1193 PTDC1194  PTDC1199 PTDC1200 PTDC1202 PTDC1203   PTDC1209 - Copy PTDC1212 PTDC1213 PTDC1214 PTDC1215 PTDC1218 PTDC1221 PTDC1223 PTDC1224 PTDC1225 PTDC1226 PTDC1227 PTDC1230 PTDC1231 PTDC1232  PTDC1234 PTDC1235 PTDC1236 PTDC1237 PTDC1238 PTDC1239 PTDC1240 PTDC1241 PTDC1242 PTDC1243 PTDC1244 PTDC1245 PTDC1248 PTDC1249 PTDC1250 PTDC1252 PTDC1254 PTDC1255 PTDC1256 PTDC1257 PTDC1258 PTDC1259 PTDC1260 PTDC1262 PTDC1264 PTDC1265 PTDC1266 PTDC1267 PTDC1268 PTDC1270 PTDC1272 PTDC1273

Mar 312016
Madras Family Centre were visited by  ‘Bag Girl’ an Eco Warrior who is helping our children to save the world.  She discussed with the children how important it is to care for the environment and the animals on our planet.  All children were taught special superhero actions and played games with ‘Bag Girl’ whilst being taught how to recycle.  The children all enjoyed these workshops and were given a special Recycling Heroes bag to use at the shops.

P1130427 P1130428 P1130440 P1130448 P1130455 P1130457 P1130463 P1130465 P1130466 P1130470 P1130472 P1130473 P1130474 P1130475 P1130476 PTDC0118 PTDC0121 PTDC0124 PTDC0129 PTDC0137 PTDC0664 PTDC0665 PTDC0666 PTDC0675 PTDC0677 PTDC0678 PTDC0679 PTDC0681 PTDC0682 PTDC0699 PTDC0700 PTDC0701 PTDC0702 PTDC0705 PTDC0706 PTDC0729 PTDC0733 PTDC0738 PTDC0739 PTDC0741   PTDC1068 PTDC1069 PTDC1070 PTDC1071 PTDC1072 PTDC1073 PTDC1074 PTDC1075 PTDC1076 PTDC1077 PTDC1078 PTDC1079 PTDC1081 PTDC1082 PTDC1084 PTDC1085 PTDC1088 PTDC1089 PTDC1091 PTDC1092 PTDC1107  PTDC1111 PTDC1112 PTDC1113 PTDC1114 PTDC1115 PTDC1116 PTDC1117 PTDC1118 PTDC1119


Mar 312016
Parents/Carers were invited to take part in a 8 week ‘Eat Better Feel Better’ course.  We are lucky enough for this to be led by a community chef Katrina McFarlane alongside Mrs Armstrong.  This course is about encouraging healthy eating for the family and making alternative healthy family meals.  This has been well received by the parents taking part and at the end of the course their child will be invited to take part with them.

PTDC0993 PTDC0994 PTDC0995 PTDC0996 PTDC0997 PTDC0998 PTDC0999 PTDC1000


Mar 312016
You may have noticed when bringing your child to the Family Centre that we have been promoting PoPP (Psychology of Parenting Programme).  Mrs Armstrong and Mrs Crookshank along with Barbara Ann Wilson from the Health Visiting Team have been providing parents with information to support their parenting alongside the Triple PPP and Incredible Years programmes. 
Should you wish more information on these programmes please see Mrs Armstrong or Mrs Crookshank.

PTDC0977PTDC0979PTDC0975 PTDC0976PTDC0978PTDC0983 PTDC0985

Mar 312016
Madras Family Centre celebrated World Book Day by inviting the parents/carers and siblings of our children along to the Centre for family Bookbug sessions.  We listened and joined in with our favourite stories and rhymes.
It was great to see so many parents/carers and siblings joining in with the singing and having fun, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


PTDC0905 PTDC0906 PTDC0907 PTDC0908 PTDC0909 PTDC0910 PTDC0911 PTDC0914 PTDC0915PTDC0917


We also visited the library where we got to look at a variety of books and the librarian read us a story.  The librarian also gave us information about joining the library so that we could come back with our families and take books out.


PTDC0929 PTDC0936 PTDC0935 PTDC0934 PTDC0933 PTDC0932 PTDC0930 PTDC0928 PTDC0927

Mar 242016

 Happy Easter sign theme image 3

As always its been a busy couple of weeks at Madras Family Centre and time has flown by in the lead up to Easter.  Some of our more recent events involved, Big Brushathon, Eat Better Feel Better, Earth Hour, Recycling Superhero Performance, Primary 1 Transition Information Evening and of course today’s very well received Easter fun day.

Please keep your eye on our website at the start of next week for some of our feedback and photos from these events.

The staff at Madras Family Centre would like to wish you all a safe and happy Easter weekend and look forward to seeing you all again when we return on Tuesday, 29th March at the normal times.

Mar 182016

Our cooking programme has been ongoing for the last couple of weeks and has proven to be very popular. 

Due to the Easter and May Bank holidays there will be a break in the programme, dates still to come are as follows:

Friday, 22nd April

Friday, 6th May

Friday, 13th May

Friday, 20th May



Mar 182016
Easter Bunny Clip ArtSessions will be as normal, however, children will be offered a variety of Easter/Spring related experiences both indoors and out to take part in.
A surprise visit  from the Easter Bunny is anticipated and we hope that he will bring the children a small chocolate gift!
Mar 182016

Breakfast Food Clip Art Free

As a result of parental discussion which took place recently at our Parent Focus Group, parents are eager to have access to a community space to meet/chat with other parents once a month.  This will be facilitated within the nursery but not staff led.  We are eager to trial this on;

Friday, 1st April 2016 at 09:15am to 10:15am and 13:15pm – 14:15pm. 

Please pop along if you are interested.

Mar 182016

Earthhour 2016

As you are all aware we are an eco-friendly Family Centre and as per last year we will be celebrating ‘Earth Hour’.  Each child will be given a candle to take home with them today. On Saturday, 19th March at 20.30pm for one hour you are asked to turn off all your lights in support of the environment and light your candle. Should you choose to take part in this we would ask that you are mindful of fire safety within your home by following the instructions given on the following link from Fire Scotland.



Mar 182016

Stay and Playstaynplay.jpg

We are introducing our new ‘Stay and Play’ sessions after the Easter Break. These will be led by Mrs Armstrong and Mrs Robertson and will allow parent/carers the opportunity to come into our playrooms and experience play based learning with their children. These short sessions will run over a number of weeks and will incorporate messy play, creative play, enquiry and outdoor play. Please put your name down on the sheets in the entrance foyer if you are interested.  Places are filling up fast!

Wednesday, 20th April – Messy Play

Monday, 25th April       – Make and Play with Food

Tuesday, 3rd May         – Eco Creativity

Thursday, 12th May     – Science

Mar 082016

Yesterday we had a great day, for once it wasnt raining or snowing!  Some of the children wrapped up warm and went outside to play.  They had great fun running around and playing without having to dodge the puddles!

P1160152 P1160153 P1160154 P1160156 P1160157 P1160158 P1160160 P1160161 P1160162 P1160163 P1160164 P1160165 P1160176 P1160177 P1160178 P1160180 P1160181 P1160182 P1160183 P1160185 P1160186 P1160187 P1160199 P1160202 P1160204 P1160205 P1160206 P1160207 P1160208 P1160210 P1160214 P1160219 P1160220


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