Feb 102016

It has been a busy week for the children here at Madras Family Centre, we have been celebrating not one but two events! 

Chinese New Year – Year of the Monkey

Last week the children made monkey masks, we also started decorating our very own Chinese dragon.  On Monday we celebrated Chinese New Year in style!  Some of the children dressed in Chinese clothing and others danced to Chinese music whilst dressed as our Chinese dragon.  We all practiced our Chinese writing and tried different Chinese foods, this was very tasty!

PTDC0549 PTDC0550 PTDC0533 PTDC0530 PTDC0528 PTDC0527 PTDC0526 PTDC0534 PTDC0540 PTDC0544 PTDC0547 PTDC0507 PTDC0519

Pancake Tuesday

We had great fun on Tuesday listening to the story of the ‘Enormous Pancake’.  Mrs Dowsland made an enormous pancake too and it was very funny when she was tossing this in the air!  We all took turns at tossing our own pancakes, some didnt make it back into the pan! The staff made us all a pancake and we sat and ate this for our snack.

PTDC0744 PTDC0747 PTDC0748 PTDC0751 PTDC0753 PTDC0754 PTDC0758 PTDC0762 PTDC0746 PTDC0735


Feb 042016

At present we have a few uniform items still in stock, should you wish to purchase any please see Denise in the office. 

Once these have been sold all further uniforms can be purchased via Schoolwear Made Easy, Clark Street, Paisley.

Polo Shirts           £  7.50      Sweatshirts         £  8.50       Fleeces                 £13.50

Sizes available are as follows:

Fleeces          3 x Medium (Approximately aged 5/6 years)

Sweatshirts    3 x 7/8 years    1 x 5/6 years     2 x 3/4 years

Polo Shirts     3 x 7/8 years    2 x 5/6 years    1 x 3/4 years

Jan 292016

Last week all of the children had the opportunity to creatively think, discuss and question ideas for the development of our new garden area at the front of the nursery.  The children shared fabulous suggestions with each other and with staff and these were recorded through Mind Maps.

This experience allowed the children to not only independently think for themselves but also encouraged them to work as a team, co-operating and setting goals.  The children communicated opinions and ideas and contributed to discussions that involves the entire Family Centre. 

Each idea and opinion from the children are being carefully considered and utilised in rough sketches to demonstrate the wonderful suggestions made by them.  We hope to support these ideas as fully as possible by developing these into reality for the children.  If any parents/carers have a particular talent or interest in this area and can help to develop our garden we would be delighted with your support in any form!  We will continue to update you all on further work discussions and the development of our garden over the next few months.  The children are excited to see their ideas take shape and to also make as many of these as possible a reality.  Lets all support them to do so in every way we can!

Curriculm For Excellence 3 – 18

HWB 0-11a                    TCH 0-14a                      LIT 0-02a                       SOC 0-09a

HWB 0-13a                    TCH 0-15a                      LIT 0-10a                       SOC 0-15a

HWB 0-19a                    TCH 0-11a                      SOC 0-07a                     SOC 0-17a

Mind Map 1                             Mind Map 2

Mind Map 3                             Mind Map 4

 P1150799 P1150800 P1150801 P1150803 P1150804 P1150806 P1150807 P1150808 P1150809 P1150810 P1150811 P1150812 P1150813 P1150814


Jan 262016

Madras Family Centre will be closed on Friday, 12th February (In Service), Monday, 15th and Tuesday, 16th February for the mid term break.

Should you require to purchase wrap on Monday or Tuesday please see the office for more details.

Jan 142016

The local authority launched a consultation on the future of early learning and childcare on Monday 11th January 2016 via citizen space.

This consultation gives the parents and carers the opportunity to voice their opinion on how you think the new 600 hours model works for you.

Please take time to have a look at this and let us know what you think of this provision.

The consultation can be found at;



Dec 172015

Our Nativity performances take place tomorrow (Friday, 18th December 2015). 

Morning Performance               10.30am

Afternoon Performance            13.45pm

In order to allow staff to prepare for our Nativity, we ask that all children be dropped off directly at Neilston Parish Church Hall at 9.15am and 13.00pm. Performances will start as above, sharp. Could we please ask for all ante pre-school children to come dressed in costumes or accessories such as angel costumes, tinsel hairbands, tea towel for head scarf etc, please do not go to any expense.

Nativity tickets are strictly 2 per child,  no further tickets will be sold on the day.

Our nursery hamper raffle will be drawn on this day. We will also have a ‘lucky seat’ with a surprise gift AM and PM.

Once the performance is over we will ask for children to be collected again from the Church Hall to ensure safety of all children.

Dec 142015
On Friday the 11th December we had our Enterprise Day at Madras Family Centre.
Leading up to this the children made a gift for their parent/carers, they designed their own Christmas paper and even typed their own Christmas labels!

Enterprise Day 1 Enterprise Day 2

The children sold their Christmas presents to parents and carers.

Enterprise Day 3 Enterprise Day 4

The children had lots of fun creating these gifts and selling them! 
On our return from the festive break the children will decide how they would like to spend any profit they have made on these gifts.
Dec 112015
On Friday the 27th November the children donated a packet to our Christmas Hampers to come to nursery dressed in their pyjamas. Thanks to all who donated.
We had a special snack of toast and hot chocolate and we even had a visit from “Bob the Builder” the man in charge of our nursery extension. We got to ask him lots of questions!

PJ Day 1 PJ Day 2 PJ Day 3 PJ Day 4 PJ Day 5


Dec 042015

Nativity Clip Art

A reminder that the tickets go on sale for our Nativity on


Monday, 7th December. 


These cost £2.00 each & are strictly two per family due to health & safety.


Please see Denise in the office to purchase. 
Dec 032015
Due to the unpredictable weather we have had to postpone Woodland Explorers recently. 
Looking at the long range forecast with high winds anticipated and further rain it has been decided that Woodland Explorers will be cancelled until we return in January. 
We will continue to monitor this to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your children at all times.
On a brighter note,  this gives us more time to practice for our Nativity!
Dec 022015

Spirit Week Clipart - Free Clip Art Images

It’s Crazy Hair Day on Friday! 

Why not come to nursery sporting your craziest hairstyle ever!  It would be appreciated if you could please bring in a tin for our Christmas Hampers.

Nov 262015
Reminder of the dates for our Christmas Craft Fairs.  A sheet has been placed by your child’s register, it would be appreciated if you could let us know if you will be attending. 


Times for the sessions will be;
AM – 10.45am to 11.30am and PM – 14.15pm to 15.00pm.


Monday, 30th November 2015                    Blue Group
Tuesday, 1st December 2015                     Green Group
Wednesday, 2nd December 2015               Purple Group & AM Yellow Group
Thursday, 3rd December 2015                   Red Group
Friday, 4th December 2015                         Orange Group & PM Yellow Group
Nov 262015
On Wednesday 25th November we celebrated St’ Andrews Day. We invited parents and carers to come along and enjoy some Scottish shortbread whilst we showcased our Scottish dancing and songs.
Mrs Collins taught us some Scottish dancing including: “Happy Feet” “Point and Close” and “Springs from Foot to Foot”. We put this together to create our Scottish dance sequence.
We also sang Scottish songs including: “Ally Bally”, “Bee Baw Babbity”, “Ye Canny Shove Yer Granny Aff a Bus”, “The Three Craws” and “Wee Willie Winkie”.
Thank you everyone who came along! We hope you all had as much fun as we did.

St Andrews Day 4 St Andrews Day 3 St Andrews Day 2 St Andrews Day 1

Nov 162015


On Friday the 13th November we came to nursery dressed as our favourite superhero or princess to show support for Children in Need.

At nursery we coloured and cut out our own Pudsey, we decorated our own spotty biscuits to have as snack and enjoyed watching Pudsey on the interactive white board!

Mrs Dowsland made scones and asked staff and Portakabin workmen for donations in return.

We all had great fun and thanks to the generosity of the parents we manage to raise the fantastic sum of;


Children In Need AM 1 Children In Need AM Children In Need AM 2

Children In Need PM 1 Children In Need PM Children In Need PM 2

PTDC0391  PTDC0392 PTDC0393 PTDC0402  PTDC0403 PTDC0404PTDC0394

Nov 132015

We have registered with Easy Fundraising to try and raised some funds for our outdoor areas once our extension is complete.  All you need to do is go to the following link and start shopping.  Once you have finished shopping the retailer will make a donation to us at no extra cost to you! 

We thank you for your continued support of the Family Centre and would appreciate if you could share this link amongst family and friends.


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