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S4 Work Experience

To date we have 102 pupils out of 211 who have found themselves a placement for Work Experience Week.  Well done! 

Of these 102, pupils 69 have been booked on Work-it. 

Pupils will soon be issued with logon details for the Work-it Database where they will have access to placements available. 

These details will be issued through your PSE class in the near future.

Miss Oram has a list outside her office showing whose form has been returned to the school. 

Please check this list and if you think we should have your form but your name is not showing this please speak to either Miss Oram or Mrs Steen in the office.

Work Experience

If any student wishes to apply for work experience with the Scottish Police Service in October 2013 (S4 students as of next session) they should contact Mr Cairney or Mr Davis. Places will be extremely limited therefore any student with a genuine interest in joining the Scottish Police Service should pick up an application form ASAP