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Anti Bullying Poster Competition

Well done to all S1 pupils who took part in the Anti-Bullying poster competition in PSE.

The winners are:

  • 1st Place – Marina Gladkikh from Gleneagles (40 points)
  • 2nd Place – Charlotte Fleming, Sophie Fletcher and Sophie Donaldson from Balmoral (30 points)
  • 3rd Place – Chloe Nicol and Olivia Miller from Ramsay (20 points)

3 Runners Up:

(10 points each)

  • Eilidh Steven, Sara Sadiq and Isla McMillan from Sutherland
  • Nicola Cole, Lori Cook and Lisa Cole from Caledonia
  • Louise Whyte, Casey Williamson and Sasha Wood from Wallace

Well done to all pupils!

S2 – Winners of the Home Economics Scottish Dietary Targets Poster Competition.

The S2 poster competition has been judged and the following pupils are the winners:

  • Elyse Cowan 2.7
  • Fiona Wilson 2.11
  • Megan Nelson 2.3
  • Helen Stout 2.9
  • James Howard 2.3
  • Heather Martin 2.9
  • Rebekah Clark 2.7
  • Tami Rose 2.9

Well done to all!

The winners will be awarded a golden dinner ticket for his/herself plus one friend allowing instant entry to the dining hall. Tickets will be valid from Monday 21st January to Friday 25th January 2013.

Winners will also be awarded 10 points for his/her house and all of the winning posters will be displayed in the Dining Hall.

S4/5 Sports Leaders

Just a reminder that the next East Renfrewshire volunteer night is:

Wednesday 12th December

In St Ninians High School lecture theatre 

At 6pm – 7pm

If you are looking for coaching work with East Renfrewshire Council then it is vitally important that you attend this session.

Those who attended the previous volunteer night need not attend.

Any other questions please see Mr Donnelly

S2 ECO Event Thursday 11th October

The S2 Eco Event is fast approaching!  In order for the event to be a success we rely on pupils to collect recyclable materials which will be used on the day.

Could pupils start to bring in recyclable materials to Mr Wyroslawski in D18.  There are points available for the houses that bring in the most stuff!

The more unusual the better but please ensure all plastics are washed first. ANYTHING THAT COULD BE RECYCLED IS ACCEPTED.

When you contribute you will be awarded with a tally mark on the Snow Leopard Salvage Screen… the house with the most tally marks may even be rewarded with a baby snow leopard.


The following S2 have won house points for their entry to the Anti-Smoking competition

Winner – Hannah Winning

Runners up –

Salmon Nazir            Athena Speirs            Emma Park

Shakeel Razzaq            Fraser Hailton            Rachel Baillie

Euan Sneddon             Melanie McQuarter            Caitlin Allan

David Methven            Ross Gray            Serena Baker

Louise McCracken            Georgia Stephen            Shateel Ravury

Alexander Shearer            Holly Still            Katie McCafferty