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House Cup

Mr. Smith will once again judge the House noticeboards and award points to the House with the most informative, most exciting, most up to date and best presented board. Judging will take place on the Wednesday 18th of March.

Last time Caledonia won 50 points and Gleneagles also impressed so much that Mr. Smith decided to second place prize of 25 points.

Remember – any points won at this stage may well still have an impact on the destiny of The House Cup. Good Luck!

S2 ECO Event Thursday 11th October

The S2 Eco Event is fast approaching!  In order for the event to be a success we rely on pupils to collect recyclable materials which will be used on the day.

Could pupils start to bring in recyclable materials to Mr Wyroslawski in D18.  There are points available for the houses that bring in the most stuff!

The more unusual the better but please ensure all plastics are washed first. ANYTHING THAT COULD BE RECYCLED IS ACCEPTED.

When you contribute you will be awarded with a tally mark on the Snow Leopard Salvage Screen… the house with the most tally marks may even be rewarded with a baby snow leopard.

Colours Committee

The colours committee will meet in the next couple of weeks so this is the final call for this terms colours applications.

 Remember the form can be downloaded from school web site or picked up from pupil support office.

Remember if it is a personal achievement then points can be awarded for your house and you may achieve House colours!