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East Renfrewshire Focus Group – Mearns Castle High, 29th April

A National Parent Forum focus group to take place in East Renfrewshire.

The focus group will seek parents views on CfE , its implementation and ongoing development not just in East Renfrewshire but in other areas and parents from outwith East Renfrewshire will also be attending.

The focus group takes place this Wednesday in Mearns Castle High at 7pm.

CfE aims to achieve a transformation in education by providing a coherent, more flexible and enriched curriculum, assessment and qualifications system from 3 to 18.

The introduction of new qualifications  is part of this, with the aim of reflecting the new style of learning, which places an emphasis on skills and knowledge and tests the understanding and application of knowledge as well as facts.

We would like to hear whether you as a parent feel that CfE is achieving these ambitions for you as a parent and for your children as they embark on their CfE journey.

We will feedback this parental perspective at all discussions surrounding education at a National Policy level, including the CfE Management Board, and hope that it will provide information to feed into the OECD report.

If you’d like to book a place, or would like more information, please contact our East Renfrewshire rep Joe McLachlan  Travel expenses can be reimbursed.


Parents and pupils experiences of learning or teaching of languages in primary schools

An inquiry into the teaching of foreign languages in primary schools has been launched by the European and External Relations (EER) Committee of the Scottish Parliament.

 The Committee would welcome views from parents, teachers and pupils for its inquiry on their experiences of learning or teaching of languages in primary schools. More information on how to send views to the Committee is available on the Committee’s website at:

 Earlier this year, the Scottish Government recommended that children should learn a second language from Primary 1 and that learning of a third language should start no later than Primary 5. The EER Committee has determined that it wants to look at this policy aim, the capacity within the curriculum for this, and the role of languages in supporting the economy.

 Issues to be explored in the Committee’s investigations include funding (including use of EU funds); the skills base and teaching resources available for language tuition; the capacity within the curriculum to accommodate greater language study; the choice of languages for teaching; and the role of languages in economic development.

The European and External Relations Committee