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Carnegie Book Club

The first meeting of the CBC is today Thursday 25 April at 12.40 in the Library.  It is very important that all pupils who put their names down to join attend this meeting so that you can choose your first book to red.  Please feel free to bring your lunch.

Scottish Schools Combined Events and Relay Championships – Sat 1st June, Grangemouth Stadium

If any pupil is interested in taking part then please speak to Mr Stringer by Wed 1st May.

The competition is a combined events, which means each pupil will do all the events.


Boys events are 600m, Long Jump and Shot.  

Girls events are 600m, High Jump and Shot.  

All other year groups will take part in a Pentathlon (5 events).

Relay Competition

On the same day there is Relay competitions.

 A pupil may compete as a Multi-Eventer or as a Relay runner but not as both, regardless of age group.

If you wish your name to be put down for this part of the competition then please see Mr Stringer by Wed 1st May.

Table Tennis

Lunchtime Table Tennis club will begin again this week on WEDNESDAY in the new gym. Please change into your t-shirt and trainers, finish your lunch and get yourself up to the new gym as quickly as possible. If you are planning to come along could you please let Mr. Giles or Mr. Brown know before Wednesday.