Staff at Mearns Castle

Senior Leadership

Mr D Smith – Head Teacher
Mr S Hale- Depute Head Teacher
Ms A Lewis – Depute Head Teacher
Mr J McKenna – Depute Head Teacher
Mr I Phillips – Depute Head Teacher
Ms R Cartledge – Acting Depute Head Teacher

Pupil Support

Ms S Oram – Principal Teacher
Mr S Gooch – Principal Teacher
Mr H Cairney – Principal Teacher
Mr P Donnelly – Principal Teacher
Ms E Crilley – Principal Teacher
Ms E Neil –  Acting Principal Teacher

Personal Development

Mr I MacFarlane – Principal Teacher
Ms J McKeeman
Ms L Sarti – Behaviour Support Assistant
Ms L Sinclair – Behaviour Support Assistant
Ms C Lachlan – Behaviour Support Assistant

School Support Assistants

Mrs A Morrison
Mrs M Carlin
Mrs M Fellows
Ms L Robertson

Support for Learning

Ms F McLauchlan – Principal Teacher
Ms L Hamilton
Ms V Devlin
Ms A.Bonini
Ms J Stevenson – Pupil Support Assistant
Ms L Stevenson – Pupil Support Assistant
Ms A Hume – Pupil Support Assistant
Ms C Anderson – Pupil Support Assistant
Mr P Germon – Pupil Support Assistant
Ms L Craig – Pupil Support Assistant
Ms D Curran – Pupil Support Assistant
Ms O Ennemoser – Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs L Craig – Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs A Carter – Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs C Anderson – Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs R Ahmed – Pupil Support Assistant


Ms K McEachern – Librarian

School Technicians

Mr E. McDonald – Multi Media – (Senior)
Mr G. Moore – Science
Mr S. Hope – Science
Mrs N. Bell – Science (Mon-Wed)
Mr G. Wilson – Technical


Ms E Wills – Senior Admin Officer

Office Staff

Mrs A Beattie – Office Manager
Mrs A Fraser – Senior Clerical Assistant
Mrs L Steen- Clerical Assistant
Mrs K Fraser – Clerical Assistant
Mrs T Muir – Clerical Assistant
Mrs H McKenzie – Clerical Assistant
Mrs D Murdoch – Clerical Assistant
Mrs L Lynch – Clerical Assistant

School Janitors

Mr S McLean – Senior Janitor
Mr J Gavigan
Mr K Addison
Mr C Lennox
Mrs T di Paolo- Day Cleaner
Mrs T O’Connor – Day Cleaner


Ms T Hall – Catering Manager



Ms M Linwood – Principal Teacher
Ms P Danks
Ms K Wilson
Ms M Dempster
Dr C Beers

Business Education & Computing

Ms L Hazlett – Acting Faculty Head
Mr I Phillips – Depute Head Teacher
Ms J Speirs – Computing
Mr A Cardoo – Computing
Ms G Sloan – Business Education
Ms C Flaherty – Business Education
Ms A Hamilton – Business Education


Mr M McGarry -Faculty Head
Ms C Smith – Chemistry
Ms K Mitchell – Chemistry
Ms J McDowall- Chemistry
Mr E Morrison – Chemistry
Mr K Foley – Chemistry
Mr H Cairney – Physics/PT Pupil Support
Mr J Guidi – Physics
Mr J Rich – Physics
Mr P Bradley – Physics


Ms S Lightbown – Principal Teacher
Ms T Campbell
Ms S Plazalska
Mr J Murphy
Ms K Lannon
Mr G Guthrie


Ms D Ferguson – Principal Teacher
Ms C Drew
Ms C Macdonald
Ms C MacPherson
Mr H McLean
Mr R Andrews
Ms L McMahon
Ms R Cartledge – Acting Depute Head Teacher
Ms J Murphy
Mr G McGlynn
Ms J Kaliski
Ms E McDonald
Ms A Laitano

Home Economics

Ms A MacPhee – Principal Teacher
Ms V Martin
Ms S Robinson


Ms L Gibson – Principal Teacher
Mr V O’Donnell
Ms S Oram – PT Pupil Support
Mr M Mackison
Ms M Anderson
Ms J  Thomson
Ms M Gamble
Ms A Khan
Ms R Drummond
Mr G Stewart – PT Development
Ms V Mair
Ms A Lewis – Depute Head Teacher
Ms V Mair

Modern Languages

Ms M Brennan – Principal Teacher
Ms E Crilley – PT Pupil Support
Ms F McDiarmid
Ms Z Nicklin – PT Development
Ms A Wright
Ms E Naddell
Ms L Stewart
Ms S Ross
Ms AS McNeish

Performing Arts

Ms A Borland – Faculty Head
Ms N Evans – Music
Mr L Baillie – Music
Mr S Sorley – Depute Head Teacher
Ms G Giles – Drama
Mr S Gooch – PT Pupil Support
Ms H Devon – Drama
Ms W Crosby – Drama
Ms A Dunn – Music Instructor
Mr K Blackwood – Music Instructor
Ms E Rose – Music Instructor
Ms K Baillie – Music Instructor
Ms E Miller – Music Instructor

Physical Education

Mr K Gibson – Principal Teacher
Ms W Little
Ms A McNab
Mr P Donnelly – PT Pastoral Support
Mr S Murphy
Ms E Neil – Acting PT Pastoral Support
Ms S Brown
Mr J McKenna – Depute Head Teacher

Religious Moral & Philosophical Education

Ms J Thomson – Principal Teacher
Ms R Henderson

Social Subjects

Ms E Ferguson – Acting Faculty Head
Ms K Ward – Geography
Mr P Walker – Geography
Ms A Thomson – History
Mr J McGowne – History
Ms M Bhaumik – Modern Studies
Mr S Hale – Depute Head Teacher

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