The Senior Leadership Team

Mr Smith – Head Teacher

Links with English and Design departments.
Lead for the following areas:
  • School Leadership
  • Policy development
  • Self-evaluation and Quality Assurance
  • Improvement Planning and S&Q Reports
  • Curriculum overview
  • SQA Results analysis programme
  • Behaviour Management overview
  • Staffing
  • School Budget
  • School Fund
  • Health and Safety
  • Liaison with TUs
  • Parental Involvement
  • Cluster Chairperson
  • School Office liaison

Miss Lewis – Depute Head Teacher S1

Links with Pupil Support – Pastoral  amd Mathematics department.
Lead for the following areas:

  • Pupil Support Pastoral Team
  • Option choice overview
  • Pupil Registration overview
  • Pupil Support liaison with BO’D
  • Chair of JST
  • Liaison with Partner Support Agencies including Campus Officer and Medical Services
  • Child protection co-ordinator
  • MCMC strategy
  • Vocational Education strategy
  • MCMC Strategy
  • PT Development (CfE Interdisciplinary Learning)
  • Pupil Mentoring programme

Mr Hale – Depute Head Teacher S2

Links with Social Subjects and RMPS departments.
Lead for the following areas:

  • Citizenship strategy:
  • Citizenship classes
  • Eco Schools
  • Charities
  • Pupil Council
  • Pupil Assemblies
  • International Education
  • Chaplain liaison
  • Standardised Tests co-ordinator
  • CfE Health and Wellbeing strategy:
  • PT H & W
  • YES liaison
  • UPBEAT Day Out co-ordinator
  • PTA liaison
  • S4-S6 Target Setting
  • Library Liaison
  • School publicity

Miss Cartledge –  Acting Depute Head Teacher S3

Links with Business Education/Computing and Home Economics departments.
Lead for the following areas:

  • CfE Senior Phase Curriculum
  • SQA coordinator
  • Initial SQA Results analysis
  • S3-S6 Internal School Exams
  • Raising and Celebrating Attainment and Achievement strategy including School  Colours
  • Award Ceremonies coordinator
  • CfE Literacy and Numeracy strategy
  • PT Development (Lit & Num)
  • Supported Study programme
  • Pupil Mentoring programme co-ordinator
  • School Show liaison
  • Scottish Baccalaureate

Mr Phillips – Depute Head Teacher S4

Links with Performing Arts and Design departments.
Lead for the following areas:

  • ICT co-ordinator
  • Glow strategy
  • Scholar strategy
  • Home Learning strategy
  • CPD co-ordinator
  • PRD co-ordinator
  • Probationer teachers
  • Student teachers
  • School website
  • School Inventory
  • School Technicians liaison
  • School photographs

Mrs O’Donnell – Depute Head Teacher S5

Links with Pupil Support – Learning Support – Personal Development departments.
Lead for the following areas:

  • Pupil Support Personal Development and Learning Teams
  • Promoting Positive Behaviour Strategy including UPBEAT co-ordinator
  • Pupil Support liaison with AL
  • PSA co-ordinator
  • Primary- Secondary transitions
  • Teaching Learning and Assessment strategy
  • Equality co-ordinator

Mr McKenna – Depute Head Teacher S6

Links with Physical Education and Modern Languages departments.
Lead for the following areas:

  • School Timetable
  • Staff Absence Cover
  • Click & Go strategy
  • Reporting and Tracking co-ordinator
  • Emergency plan and Evacuation Procedures
  • School Fund with HT
  • SELS Co-ordinator
  • Christmas Dances liaison
  • YES Liaison
  • Online Parents’ Meeting Co-ordinator

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