Parents/Carers of Children with Additional Support Needs Meeting

In the Barrhead area a group of parents/carers of children with additional support needs have been meeting to support each other and discuss shared issues. At a recent meeting gaps in services were discussed and a lack of readily accessible groups to support young people/young adults in the 12-25 year age group was identified. Further to these early discussions and with support from East Renfrewshire Council, Community Engagement Officer, another meeting is proposed. We would like to invite all interested parents/ carers to attend. At the meeting the current provision East Renfrewshire has available will be outlined by someone from Young Persons Services and it is hoped that this will inform a discussion around what would be feasible for young people in this area.

Meeting: Wednesday 27th May 2015 6.30pm to 8.30pm in Barrhead Museum, Main Street, Barrhead


Tea and coffee will be available.