Calling all budding actors and actresses in S1 and S2.

Pick up your clothes – why?

Mum, why are there 24hours in a day?

Go to your room – why?

Get your work done – why?

Subjects to choose – why?

Come play this game – why?

Times running out – why?

Quick, you have to decide before the buzzer chooses for you!

Come play the game…. its fun…… we promise.

There are so many questions in life….. Some are trivial but others come with what seems like the weight of the world. What if you’re asked questions and your future depended on it? Would you still play along and try and answer?

Why don’t you come along and be involved in a Drama workshop that will explore some of these questions.

Who- S1 and S2 pupils interested in Drama.

When: Thursday 12th December.

Where: C2

Time: 3.40 till 4.40

This free workshop will be led by The Tron Theatre around the theme of choices and could result in you being a part of a production that will be performed at The Tron Theatre in June 2014.

If you are interested then please come and see Miss Devon in Drama asap for more details. There are only 40 places available so book early to avoid disappointment.