S2 – Winners of the Home Economics Scottish Dietary Targets Poster Competition.

The S2 poster competition has been judged and the following pupils are the winners:

  • Elyse Cowan 2.7
  • Fiona Wilson 2.11
  • Megan Nelson 2.3
  • Helen Stout 2.9
  • James Howard 2.3
  • Heather Martin 2.9
  • Rebekah Clark 2.7
  • Tami Rose 2.9

Well done to all!

The winners will be awarded a golden dinner ticket for his/herself plus one friend allowing instant entry to the dining hall. Tickets will be valid from Monday 21st January to Friday 25th January 2013.

Winners will also be awarded 10 points for his/her house and all of the winning posters will be displayed in the Dining Hall.