Fire Evacuation – Information for Parents

You may be aware that we experienced quite a lengthy fire evacuation this morning.

Due to inclement weather pupils and staff got wet while waiting outside to re-enter the building.  We re-organised the morning’s timetable to allow an opportunity to dry off and resumed the timetable at the start of period 4. 

We have responded to any requests from pupils for dry clothes or shoes and allowed pupils to change into P.E. kit if that was an option.

We have now resumed normal business.  There should be no need for any pupil to leave school and school will remain open for the rest of the day.

Creative Star Exhibition

The Faculty of Design are hosting a “Creative Star” exhibition.The event will take place at Mearns Castle High School on the 26th of November 2012, between 6pm and 8pm, in the Conference Room Suites situated on the first floor of the school. The exhibition will be up until Friday morning and is open for pupils and staff to see the returning art and technical work from SQA, as well as other year groups.

The exhibition  will consist of:

  • S1 & S2 CfE work from the Technical and Art department
  • S3 & S4 current work from the Technical and Art department
  • SQA Intermediate 2 Art & Design
  • SQA Higher Art and Design
  • Current Advanced Higher Art & Design folios.
  • Intermediate 2 Graphic Communication
  • Higher Graphic Communication
  • Intermediate 2 Product Design
  • Higher Graphic Design

Please come and see the work of our Creative Stars.

Free online access control software for parents

Argos partnered with Symantec to provide Norton’s Family Software to parents for free (no purchase necessary).  The software allows parents to block access to certain types of sites and monitors use.  It works on PCs and laptops and more to the point, on smartphones and tablets.  Features include:

  •  Android smartphone monitoring – to see how children are using their phones
  • Web monitoring and blocking – tracks what websites your child visits
  • Time limits – manages the time children can access the internet from any device
  • Social networking monitoring – keeps an eye on your children’s activity
  • Search monitoring – updates what your children are searching for
  • Email alerts – alerts you when your children do something they shouldn’t, like try to access blocked sites.

Argos made this move in support of the Government’s proposed legislation for ensuring protection for children from adult content on the internet.  If you want to know more, here is the link. .