Young Enterprise Scotland Christmas Fair

The Young Enterprise Scotland Christmas Fair is being held at Braehead this Thursday the 15th of December. Your young enterprise group “TickWick” will be selling their unique hand made Candle Holder and Clocks made from recycled cans.   Lots of Glitz and Glamour for those special Xmas presents.

Trading begins at 5 0 clock until 7 0 clock.  In the Blue Corridor – leading from the car park at the XSCAPE end of the Centre into the second floor of the complex.

Marys Meals Backpack Appeal

The Backpack Appeal is running again this year but with a surprising twist! All those that hand in a full backpack will be entered into a free prize draw to win a £50 VOUCHER TO SPEND AT SILVERBURN!

All you need to fill a backpack is the following items:

Backpack/school bag Pencils/Pens Towel Shorts/ skirt & t-shirt or dress
Exercise book/ notepad Sharpener Soap Flip-flops/sandals
Eraser Crayons Toothbrush Small ball eg. Tennis ball
Pencil case Ruler Toothpaste Spoon

Please do not add food etc. as the bags will be checked thoroughly by customs.

Bags are to be handed into Miss Fusaro in Maths, Room F11.