Remembrance Day and The Scottish Poppy Appeal

poppyFrom Monday 7th November – Friday 11th November a group of pupils will be visiting every class, each morning, to offer pupils the opportunity to make a small donation towards ‘The Scottish Poppy Appeal’. In return the pupils will be given a poppy. Money raised through donations is used to provide support to the Armed Forces community living in Scotland.

UNCRC Article 13  You have the right to find out things and say what you think, through making art, speaking and writing unless it breaks the rights of others.

Term 1 House Reward

This term we hosted a brilliant ‘Aerobercise Challenge’, which helped the pupils earn extra points for their house. All of the points so far this term have been added together, making SHETLAND the current leader of the House Cup Race.

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If your child is in the winning house, Shetland, as a reward he/she can have a non-uniform day on

Wednesday 26th October

Shetland pupils should wear their green Shetland T-shirt on this day with their normal school uniform clothes for their bottom half. Shetland pupils from P 3-7 will also be allowed a queue jump pass in the busy tuck line and all P1-7 pupils will be awarded an extra playtime to celebrate their win during the day.

P6b Enterprise Project

P6b are working with a Kirkhill parent to help collect unisex adult clothes for the charity ‘Scottish Action for Refugees’ whose aim is to provide shelter and practical aid to Refugees living in Calais. More information about the charity can be found at:

 We have been asked to collect only the items listed below:




Male underpants, size small and medium (new)

Socks (size 6-9)

If you would like to donate to the project please send item(s) in a polythene bag to school on the dates noted below.

Monday 24th October   Tuesday 25th October  

 Wednesday 26th October

Primary 6b will collect the clothing each day and liaise with our parent contact to have them uplifted. The charity will then sort and bag the items and deliver them to Calais.

 Thank you for helping.

Pupils of P6b, Mrs Hughes & Miss Muir

First/Second Level Curriculum for Excellence I am learning to protect others, and to reduce the potential harm when possible.

UNCRC Article 19 You have the right to be protected from being hurt or badly treated.

31st October

Please note that Kirkhill will not be having a “Dress As You Please Day” on Monday 31st  October 2016 this year. Pupils should therefore please come to school in their usual school uniform that day.


Board Games Wanted!

board-gamesThe Fund Raising Committee are coordinating a collection of any unwanted games or jigsaws. We would ask that these be in good condition.

Once collected we will distribute them to the appropriate classes for the children to enjoy during wet playtimes and Friday Fun.

We will provide feedback as to the success of this project in the coming weeks.

Please hand any donations into the school office by Friday 28th October 2016.

UNCRC Article 31  Every child has the right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of cultural and artistic activities.


Walking Bus


We will be running a Walking Bus every day between Monday 10th October and Thursday 13th October. Our Walking Bus promotes healthy exercise, reduces dangerous traffic around our school gates and reduces traffic pollution, thereby improving the health and safety of all our pupils.

The Eco committee have decided on a theme for this walking bus, which will be ‘silly socks’. We would like you to join us as you walk to school wearing silly socks! Odd socks, stripy socks, Christmas socks, funny socks, anything goes! You could even design your own socks. Each day, a winner from the walking bus will be chosen by a member of the Eco Committee. The winner will receive 10 house points!

Each child will be given a reflective tabard to wear on the walk. Please do not send pupils with bicycles or scooters as this can cause complications and can slow down the Walking Bus!   We would like to encourage all pupils if possible, to join us for the short walk from the Broom shops to the school. Whether pupils are able to walk with us everyday, for part of the week or even just for one day, everyone is welcome!

We will meet at the back of the Broom Shops (on the pavement at the back of the dental surgery) at 8.40am every day throughout the school week.

UNCRC Article 24 Every child has the right to the best possible health.


Home Lunches

As of

Monday 3rd October 

any Primary 2 or Primary 3 pupil going home for lunch must be collected by a parent/ carer from the school office at 12.35pm please.

Due to the extremely low numbers of pupils in Kirkhill who go home for lunch, please also advise the school office that your child will be a home lunch each day that they are going home.  Of course, if your child goes home every day for lunch or in a regular pattern each week e.g. every Monday, please let the school office know this in writing and then there is no need to inform us on a daily basis.  Please bring children to the office when returning to school after lunch, where they will be able to return safely to their playground.

UNCRC Article 3  The best interests of the child must be a top priority in all things that affect children.

Information Evening

On Wednesday 5th October we are holding an Information Evening for parents and carers of Kirkhill pupils, from 7pm until 9pm.  Having previously gathered your views on topics that you are interested in, we have put together a selection of workshops which you will hopefully find useful and informative. Details of these can be found in the newsletter in the ‘Information’ section of the website. Please use this table of workshops to identify which sessions you are wishing to attend and bring it along with you on the night.

In order for us to make arrangements for the evening we would be grateful if you could indicate that you will be coming along by completing and returning the slip from the newsletter by Tuesday 4th October.

Please note that this evening is for adults only and pupils should not attend.

Article 29 Education must develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the full.