School Photographs

The school photographer will be visiting Kirkhill Primary School on

 Wednesday 7th October & Thursday 8th October 2015.


This session all children will have family and class group photos taken.

For the class group photographs, P1 & P7 will have both the traditional and contemporary style class group photos taken and P2 – P6 will have the contemporary style class group photograph taken.

Please note, that for all class photographs, children will have their photograph taken in their shirt and tie and will be required, by the photographer, to remove grey cardigans and pullovers.

Refugee Aid

Councillor Waters (East Renfrewshire Council) is co-ordinating aid to those who are held in refugee camps in Calais and is organising a convoy which will leave on Thursday 29th October.  If you would like to support this very worthwhile cause and donate items which will give some comfort to children and families caught in this tragic situation, Councillor Waters has suggested that primary schools could ask families to donate specific items.  Items which are much needed and in very short supply are:

  • small torches
  • double AA batteries for torches
  • tea lights
  • jars and packets of ready to eat baby food
  • warm clothing for men and boys
  • sturdy footwear for men, women and children (all sizes and all ages)
  • basic toiletries (soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste etc)

Items should be brought into school on the morning of the 21st October in a tied plastic carrier bag or bin bag. These can either be sent to school with your child or dropped off by yourself into the school office between 9 and 9.30am on this day only please. Councillor Waters’ group will collect any items donated from the school on Friday 23rd October. On behalf of all the families that will benefit from your generous donations, a very warm and heart felt “thank you”.

We will also spend some time in school discussing this cause with all of our children.

UNCRC Article 39

Children neglected, abused, exploited, tortured or who are victims of war must receive special help to help them recover their health, dignity and self-respect.