Rights Respecting Day

The Wellbies are hosting two Rights Respecting Days in October for all the pupils at Kirkhill. These two days will be split into a P1-3 day (1st October) and P4-7 day (10th October).  Each day will focus on the UNICEF Charter of the Rights of the Child.



in particular measles, chicken pox and shingles

 A couple of our pupils are currently receiving medical treatment which puts them at high risk from measles, chicken pox and shingles.  If they come into contact with anyone suffering from these conditions, the pupils may require to be given some immediate protection against them.  This has to be given within 72 hours of the contact.

We would therefore ask that if your child develops measles, chicken pox or shingles at any time throughout this session 2013-2014, or if you suspect that they may be developing these diseases, that you inform me immediately so that appropriate action may be taken. 

I would like to thank you for your co-operation with this important matter.