River Basin Management


The 50 mark question in Paper 2. Remember you will need to watch your time management. You are looking to gain 1 mark per minute.

By the end of this topic you should be able to:

  • describe and explain the general distribution of river basins and water control projects in North America or Africa or Asia
  • use a range of maps, climate graphs, tables and river hydrographs for any river basin in North America or Africa or Asia to explain why there is a water supply problem and why the water storage scheme is essential, and
  • describe ways in which the river’s flow has changed since the building of dams

Referring in detail to the named river basin which you have studied (e.g.  the Colorado River):

  • explain why there was a need for river basin management
  • explain the physical and Human factors which had to be considered when selecting sites for dams and reservoirs
  • explain how the scheme affects the hydrological cycle of the basin
  • describe and account for the social, economic and environmental benefits and adverse consequences (disadvantages) of the watercontrol projects in the basin
  • evaluate the success of the scheme in terms of its social, economic, political and environmental impact
  • explain the political problems which have resulted or may result from management of the river
  • suggest why political considerations might hinder the success of the project.

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