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  1. You can use this page to ask any questions or queries that might arise during your revision for the final exam. Remember there is no such thing as a silly question!

    You can post answers you have completed for past paper questions (or hand these in during class) or share a useful resource with your class mates.

    I will post useful past paper questions on a regular basis and provide sample answers for each of these. I would recommend you time yourself when attempting past papers to prepare yourself for the exam.

  2. As requested in class here is the marking scheme for the scree slopes past paper you completed in class:

    • Steep and bare rock faces with lines of weakness/well-jointed carboniferous
    • Cold climate where temperatures often fall below freezing point at night.
    • The two factors above allow physical weathering to take place in the form of
    freeze-thaw action/frost shattering, where water collects in the rock fractures,
    freezes and expands by about 9% exerting great pressure on even the hardest
    • Repeated freeze-thaw action splits the rock into large sharp fragments which
    break off and are moved downhill by gravity to accumulate at the base of steep
    slopes as a scree or talus slope as large heaps of rock debris.

    You should include a well annotated diagram and a detailed explanation of freeze thaw. To add to your answer use the notes we took during class

    For sample answers on all Mass Movements have a look at the mass movement section of the Lithosphere tab.

    There are also sample answers for all Glaciated features (erosional and depositional) under the Glaciated uplands tab. A very useful resource!!!

  3. Homework question for over Easter – To be handed in on Monday 16th April

    Describe the land uses found across an Urban transect from the CBD to the suburbs AND explain in detail reasons for these land uses.
    14 marks

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