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Cheese! It’s Local Smile Month!

Andrew’s mum came to talk to us all about her job as a dentist this afternoon. She was very impressed with how much we already know about looking after our teeth!


She brought Frank with her to teach us all about how to brush our teeth.

dentist3 dentist1

In her shopping bag were lots of things to eat and drink and we helped Frank to sort them in to things that are good for your teeth and things that are not so good for them.





At the end we all got a sticker for listening well and giving good answers!

Remember to bring your Toothbrushing Diary back to nursery!

Road Safety Week

We are learning to keep safe near traffic for Road Safety Week.

PB240265      PB240260PB240270 

“It’s safe to cross at a zebra crossing or where traffic lights are.” Holly.

“We have to look both ways until there are no cars coming.” Taylor.

“Watch out for cars. Stop and look and listen.” Bodhi.

“A zebra crossing is white and black.” Finlay.

“Be safe. ” Harry.

“We taught Ziggy how to cross the road and look for the green man. ” Aoife.

Making Bandages for Pudsey

The boys and girls have been busy making bandages to sell for Children in Need.

pudsey7pudsey8“We cut the white material and put the colours on it.”

“Red, yellow, blue, green, purple.”

“We made a spotty pattern.”

“We used special pens.”

“They are for our fluffy toys.”

Please help us raise lots of money on Friday for Children in Need on Friday 13th November.


Road Safety with Ziggy.


The children who attended during the October break took part in a Road safety walk and produced an electronic story all about keeping safe while out and about.

PA130212   PA130216

PA130229   PA130237

You can view our book here-


Ziggy books will be issued to all children this month.

A visit from an architect

Today Vera’s dad came to tell us all about his job as an architect. He showed us some of his plans and drawings and read us the story of Iggy Peck Architect. He also reminded us that we must always wear our hi-vis vests and hard hats on the building site!

Looking on the plans
Looking on the plans
Tools of the trade
Tools of the trade







Remember to stay safe on the building site
Remember to stay safe on the building site
Checking the plans
Checking the plans

Gardening Club

Thank you to those who came along to our gardening club recently.

The minutes from the last meeting are below and if you would like to come along to our next meeting, it is taking place on:

Wednesday 7th May at 11am and 2.30pm.

The gardening club is opent to all parents and carers who are keen to help maintain the grounds of the nursery. You don’t have to be an expert gardener!

Garden Club 1.4.2014


Are you a picture book fanatic?

Due to the success of our recent reading workshop and at the suggestion of one of our parents, Mrs Buchanan is establishing a picture book group.

All parents and carers are invited to the group where we will discuss aspects of an identified picture book including:

– your experience of the book (maybe its a favourite, maybe you haven’t heard of it before?)

– other titles by the same author

– features of the story including: illustrations, rhyme and conversation starters

– tips and ideas on how to explore the picture book with your child

Our first meeting will be on Tuesday 6th May at 9am and 12.30pm and will last no more than an hour.

On 6th May we will discuss the ‘Alfie’ books by Shirley Hughes, in particular ‘Alfie Gets in First’ (a particular favourite of Mrs Buchanan’s).

Elissa from East Renfrewshire Libraries will also come along on the day to talk about:

– Bookbug sessions

– The Library Challenge

– Her favourite picture books.

If you do not own any ‘Alfie’ books and would like to come along Elissa has ensured there are many copies of ‘Alfie Gets in First’ as well as other stories involving Alfie in Giffnock and Thornliebank libraries. We also have some copies of the books in the nursery that you are welcome to borrow.

If you are unable to borrow a copy before the picture book group meets do not worry – come along anyway!

If you would like to learn more about Shirley Hughes and her Alfie books follow this link: http://www.alfiebooks.co.uk/

Or watch this video: http://youtu.be/n3m6ibi6G0k

If you are able to come along just let Mrs Beveridge in the office know (so we can buy enough biscuits!)

We look forward to seeing you there!