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Lots of the children have been very excited that snow is forecast for this week. One child said “The snow is coming after lunch, so how will the birds get food?”

Today we used our leftover pumpkins to make bird feeders, to ensure the birds don’t get hungry in the cold weather.


“Will these seeds grow into pumpkins if we plant them?”

“Maybe we should wait till spring or even summer so it will be warmer.”

Some of the children decided to keep some pumpkin seeds to grow their own pumpkin patch at Glenwood next year.

ECO day

ECO day

Each year we welcome all families to our ECO day to help tidy up our gardens for the summer and hopefully our graduation day. Everyone in the family is urged to come along to help by weeding, planting, painting, spreading bark and other maintenance jobs on Saturday 11th June from 8.30am-11am. You are welcome to pop in even for just part of this and there will be refreshments available. Children and adults of all ages are required to help!

A special thank you to the members of the Gardening Club, especially Emily’s gran, who regularly devote time to improving our garden.

Greenbank Gardens Wheelbarrow Competition


We are taking part in National Trust for Scotland’s annual wheelbarrow competition. Each year, local schools and nurseries design and plant a garden in a wheelbarrow for show in Greenbank Gardens. This year the theme is Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday celebrations. Children have planted a range of herbs, flowers and vegetables to create an ECO sensory garden. They have been busy making labels, flags, bunting and even a miniature Balmoral Castle. If you or your family or friends plan to visit Greenbank Gardens on Saturday 11th – Sunday 12th June please look out for our entry and don’t forget to vote. The winning wheelbarrow is the one which receives the most public votes.



Road Safety with Ziggy.


The children who attended during the October break took part in a Road safety walk and produced an electronic story all about keeping safe while out and about.

PA130212   PA130216

PA130229   PA130237

You can view our book here-


Ziggy books will be issued to all children this month.

ECO day- Saturday 30th May

A HUGE thank you to all the staff, children, parents and grandparents who mucked in with the garden during our recent ECO day! The gardens look great and the sun shone!

P6030471   P6030472   P6030474 P6030473   P6030475   P6030476

“I was planting with Miss Cunningham.” Harry.

“I was playing and working. I was working with my mummy. I helped her find weeds in the mud.” Cian.

“I got weeds too.” Cameron.

“My dad was doing the wheelbarrow with the sand. I was planting flowers with my mummy.” Sophie.

“I was planting strawberries with Sophie’s gran at the slide.” Olivia.

“I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t want to get my hands messy. My daddy did the slabs and the bench and I found worms. I put them on a log I found in the school playground.” Shreya.