Glenwood Ladies Night

Glenwood Parents’ Committee have been busy and a  Ladies Night is planned for Friday 29th May, 2015 at 7.30-11.00pm in Our Lady of the Missions Primary (Junior gym hall). Ticket price includes entry, a glass of bubbly, nibbles and entry to a grand draw. You may bring your own bottle. There will be a range of beauty treatments available and items available to purchase. Tickets cost £5 and are available from the nursery. Raffle tickets are on sale now and all families have been issued with some to sell. If you would like to hire a table for the night or donate a raffle prize please contact the nursery for further details.

Outdoor learning

In Glenwood we love learning outdoors!

P4230437           P4230438

the mud kitchen                                                                                 tyre play


P4230439 P4230440

hunting for bugs


P4230443          P4230445

litter picking                                                                                             balancing

Transition to School

At our recent information session for parents, Mrs Husbands and Mrs Brown shared the following information for parents of pre-school children-

What parents and children can expect at school:

  • continuous curriculum at the Early Level (Curriculum for Excellance 3-18)
  • more structure while still continuing active learning
  • each school will have an induction programme in addition to the nursery programme
  • information shared with schools by the nursery- GIRFEC, summative reports and STINT plans where applicable

School Groups:

  • the group is taken once a week in nursery for 30/45 minutes
  • sharing thoughts, understanding about school, asking questions
  • focus on literacy, numeracy and health & wellbeing (Fun friends strategies, independence skills, concentration, working cooperatively, finishing tasks…)
  • class teachers are invited to join us for sessions when possible
  • Travelling Hamish – each child will have a turn to take Hamish and his Whirrybang on an adventure, fill in his diary and share their experience with the group!

Preparing your child for school:

  • promote literacy and numeracy through natural opportunities – writing at the child’s own level
  • encourage independence – carrying own bag, getting dressed, eating with a knife and fork, following instructions…
  • gross & fine motor skills – spacial awareness, scissors, hopping, skipping…

There is a list of the school groups posted on the nursery window.

Hamish McHaggis Meet Hamish. He loves going on adventures and journeys and will visit the homes of all our pre-school children as part of their journey towards school.

Food miles

Our ECO group visited the Young Enterprise Scotland Academy in Rouken Glen recently and took part in a Food Miles session which included learning about the importance of using local produce and reducing the distance food is transported. They prepared ground and planted some crops.


            FoodMiles_05                                                       FoodMiles_14


“We did some planting and learned where food comes from.” – Eve

“The man asked what animals are bad and good. He said bees are good. Ladybirds are good too because they eat all the little green things. Greenflies. They are bad because they eat the leaves. Tom was trying to get ladybirds to come and eat them.” – Will

“We dug some mud and put in some potatoes and planted them.”- Francesca

“We put carrot seeds into tissue rolls and we need to wait until they grow.”- Cameron

Hey Baby!

We have been learning about our growing bodies and how we have grown from being babies. We have learned some of the tasks required to look after a baby such as bathing and feeding. Most exciting of all, we welcomed Tony and Aaron’s baby brothers to the nursery!

P3230211         P3230216


P3230253           P3230259

In The News!

We have been appealing for everyone to return borrowed library books as our lending library is running low. Well done to Tony who took matters into his own hands and started a campaign to replenish our stocks by asking for good quality books to be donated. He intended to collect a tower of books up to his height but now the whole family is involved! Read about Tony’s appeal in The Extra.


World Book Day

Glenwood celebrated World Book Day in style!

P3050154   P3050243

“World Book Day is for everyone to dress up as characters from our favourite book. When we dress up it is really fun!”- Matthew.

“I dressed up as the Gruffalo and Zack dressed up as the Gruffalo. The Gruffalo goes’ Rarrr!'” – Rhys.

“It is World Book day and we dress up. My favourite character is Batman” – Sophie.

“I love stories.”- Ben.

“Because it is World Book day you can dress up as a character in a book. I am Mike the Knight.” – Will.

“I like the story of Emily Brown. I read it in nursery.” – Lucy.



We have been learning about Fairtrade goods and what it means to be fairtrade. We use fairtrade goods whenever possible such as for our Coffee and Chats and for some of the snack foods available to the children. We use Fairtrade tea leaves on on the light board for sensory exploration. The children can recognise the logo and are producing a display of Fairtrade goods.

P2120358 P2120360

From Wednesday 18th-Friday 20th February we  have a broad selection of Fairtrade goods available in the nursery for purchase. The Fairtrade stall is manned by staff, parents and children. Thank you to everyone who is supporting this venture.

IMG_0528 IMG_0530 IMG_0546 IMG_0586

Numeracy workshop

Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended our Numeracy workshop on Thursday 12th February hosted by Mrs Husbands. This focused on

  • the number based skills used in our everyday lives
  • the development of early number skills
  • developing skills through
      •  investigation of shape, measure and numbers
      • challenging activities
      • using knowledge from everyday situations
  • the key areas of numeracy
  • a look at some of the resources we use in nursery
  • ways to develop early numeracy skills in everyday situations at home

Further information is available from and



Scottish literature

Throughout January, we enjoyed stories by some of our favourite Scottish authors. Miss Cunningham and the yellow group used a cardboard box to recreate A Squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson. It was certainly a squash and a squeeze for all the characters!

P1280353                  P1280352

Writing workshop

34. writing- letter formation

Mrs Husbands and Mrs Brown hosted a parent workshop on Early Writing on Thursday 29th January. This focused on

  • the importance of gross motor skills such as large movements involving the shoulder joints, elbows and wrists
  • developing fine motor skills including using scissors, threading, malleable materials (like playdough)
  • early mark making indoors and outdoors
  • the stages of early writing
  •  correct letter formation

Information sheets including recipes for playdough and correct letter formation are available from the office.

whole body movements      14. cutting and sticking cropped    19. playdough

Christmas Dinner!

The children of Glenwood suggested we have Christmas dinner for snack so the children prepared and enjoyed a tasty meal of brussels sprouts, carrots, peas, mashed potato and sage and onion stuffing.

‘ We peeled the potatoes and the brussels sprouts.’ -Isabella and Rachel.

‘I had potatoes, peas and carrots. I love peas.’- Lucy

‘It was good.’- Eamon

‘I ate up all of the carrots and the potatoes and I ate one pea.’- James

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