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Transient Art

We have been learning about presenting artwork for an audience and to view others’ work. We are also learning to explore nature in different environments.  We used some natural materials we found outdoors to create transient art pictures for others to enjoy.P5231681

“I used compost, daisies and weeds to make my garden. I used a buttercup for the sun because it is yellow.”- Bodhi.P5231685

“There’s a spider in my garden, but you can’t really see it.” -Taylor.


Road Safety Week

We are learning to keep safe near traffic for Road Safety Week.

PB240265      PB240260PB240270 

“It’s safe to cross at a zebra crossing or where traffic lights are.” Holly.

“We have to look both ways until there are no cars coming.” Taylor.

“Watch out for cars. Stop and look and listen.” Bodhi.

“A zebra crossing is white and black.” Finlay.

“Be safe. ” Harry.

“We taught Ziggy how to cross the road and look for the green man. ” Aoife.

Road Safety with Ziggy.


The children who attended during the October break took part in a Road safety walk and produced an electronic story all about keeping safe while out and about.

PA130212   PA130216

PA130229   PA130237

You can view our book here-

Ziggy books will be issued to all children this month.

A visit from an architect

Today Vera’s dad came to tell us all about his job as an architect. He showed us some of his plans and drawings and read us the story of Iggy Peck Architect. He also reminded us that we must always wear our hi-vis vests and hard hats on the building site!

Looking on the plans
Looking on the plans
Tools of the trade
Tools of the trade







Remember to stay safe on the building site
Remember to stay safe on the building site
Checking the plans
Checking the plans


We have been learning about Fairtrade goods and what it means to be fairtrade. We use fairtrade goods whenever possible such as for our Coffee and Chats and for some of the snack foods available to the children. We use Fairtrade tea leaves on on the light board for sensory exploration. The children can recognise the logo and are producing a display of Fairtrade goods.

P2120358 P2120360

From Wednesday 18th-Friday 20th February we  have a broad selection of Fairtrade goods available in the nursery for purchase. The Fairtrade stall is manned by staff, parents and children. Thank you to everyone who is supporting this venture.

IMG_0528 IMG_0530 IMG_0546 IMG_0586