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Den Day


We raised £61.37 for Save the Children when we took part in Den day. Parents joined us and we built dens, created models of shelters, designed logos and cooked bread on an open fire, all to raise awareness of the plight of many children living without the right to shelter.








Some feedback from parents.

“Den building day was a fantastic opportunity for parental involvement. It was very well organised and it was lovely to see the children enjoying the outdoors and actively participating.”

“A great afternoon spent outside with the children. I enjoyed spending time at the fire and helping to build dens.”

“Great opportunity to have parent participation. Good unstructured play where they really are getting an opportunity to use imagination and freedom of play.”

“Den day was a fantastic way to raise awareness of a very worthy charity and teach the children important skills in a fun way. So pleased to have been able to join in. Very well organised.”


Greenbank Gardens Wheelbarrow Competition


We are taking part in National Trust for Scotland’s annual wheelbarrow competition. Each year, local schools and nurseries design and plant a garden in a wheelbarrow for show in Greenbank Gardens. This year the theme is Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday celebrations. Children have planted a range of herbs, flowers and vegetables to create an ECO sensory garden. They have been busy making labels, flags, bunting and even a miniature Balmoral Castle. If you or your family or friends plan to visit Greenbank Gardens on Saturday 11th – Sunday 12th June please look out for our entry and don’t forget to vote. The winning wheelbarrow is the one which receives the most public votes.



Transient Art

We have been learning about presenting artwork for an audience and to view others’ work. We are also learning to explore nature in different environments.  We used some natural materials we found outdoors to create transient art pictures for others to enjoy.P5231681

“I used compost, daisies and weeds to make my garden. I used a buttercup for the sun because it is yellow.”- Bodhi.P5231685

“There’s a spider in my garden, but you can’t really see it.” -Taylor.


The Worm

We have been entertained by and have been participating in an Eco Drama called The Worm.

P3082810  P3142889

The children have been learning about the role worms have within the natural world. They are learning about composting and how food waste can be reduced and to respect the natural environment.

We have a wormery and the children have been exploring the worms as well as learning how to take care of them.