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40th Birthday Plans

Glenwood is 40 years old this year. We officially opened on 4th October 1976 and we are busy making plans to celebrate our birthday on 4th October 2016. The children decided to have a Teddy Bears’ Picnic and parents are invited to join us. Don’t forget your teddy bear! In preparation, the children have made invitations, planned menus and have made bunting to decorate the woods.There will be a vintage style afternoon tea for invited guests later in the afternoon.

p9280958 p9280957

“Please come to our Teddy Bears Picnic.”


“Please come to our Afternoon Tea.”



Den Day


We raised £61.37 for Save the Children when we took part in Den day. Parents joined us and we built dens, created models of shelters, designed logos and cooked bread on an open fire, all to raise awareness of the plight of many children living without the right to shelter.








Some feedback from parents.

“Den building day was a fantastic opportunity for parental involvement. It was very well organised and it was lovely to see the children enjoying the outdoors and actively participating.”

“A great afternoon spent outside with the children. I enjoyed spending time at the fire and helping to build dens.”

“Great opportunity to have parent participation. Good unstructured play where they really are getting an opportunity to use imagination and freedom of play.”

“Den day was a fantastic way to raise awareness of a very worthy charity and teach the children important skills in a fun way. So pleased to have been able to join in. Very well organised.”


Den Day

We have been learning about children’s rights to shelter and we have been creating dens. We are taking part in Save the Children’s Den Day on Friday 17th June. Parents are invited to join us to help create dens. Parents should come along between 9.30-10.30am and 1.30- 2.30pm. There will be collection tins if you wish to make a donation to Save the Children.




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Glenwood Logo Design

P6060008   P6060009

A huge congratulations to Fatimah who designed the winning logo for Glenwood Family Centre in our recent logo design competition. A close runner up was Emily and her family. Both girls will receive a prize and Fatimah’s design will be used as our new logo next session including on all new uniforms.


The winner was selected by the children, families and staff of Glenwood, including our new children who attended our recent induction afternoon. Thank you to everyone who took part in designing a logo.

Glenwood Logo Design Competition

Have you completed your entry for our logo design competition?

Having updated our Vision, Values and Aims we would like to update the Glenwood logo to better reflect this. We encourage you and your child to take part by designing a logo which will be printed on uniforms, paperwork etc. This cannot be too complicated or overly intricate. We are keeping the Glenwood colours of red and navy blue. Please use a black pen for your design on A4 paper and return by Thursday 26th May. Feel free to involve the whole family!


Glenwood Vision, Values and Aims


Since our change to Family Centre, we have been reviewing our Vision, Values and Aims with families, children and staff. We gathered the views of everyone in a range of ways.  We hope our new Vision, Values and Aims truly reflect what Glenwood really stands for.

Glenwood word-cloud

Vision, values and aims

G.I.R.F.E.C approach.  We strive to ‘Get it Right for Every Child’ (G.I.R.F.E.C).  We work in partnership with Parents/Carers, professionals and other agencies to meet the individual needs of the child.

Listen to one another.  Ideas and thoughts of all stakeholders are listened to and valued.

Excellent opportunities for ‘Learning for a Better World’.  We are rights respecting, eco-friendly and appreciate the wonders of the outdoors.

Nurturing, safe and stimulating environment where children are supported and challenged in their learning.

Welcoming and friendly ethos which is inclusive to all.

Outstanding learning opportunities both indoors and outdoors.  Children have opportunities to learn, develop and be challenged in their learning, reaching their full potential.

Others’ beliefs, values and opinions.  We respect and value others.  We encourage stakeholders to share their diverse beliefs, values and opinions as we learn together about the people within our community.

Dedicated, enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff.  Staff responding to the interests and needs of the children, the children will become Confident Individuals, Successful Learners, Effective Contributors and Responsible Citizens.

Vision, Values and Aims- Consultation

Following our change to Family Centre, we are reviewing our Vision, Values and Aims to ensure they accurately reflect Glenwood. We are consulting the stakeholders of Glenwood in various ways to gather their views. Parents who attended Coffee and Chat sessions in October provided initial input.

Children have been consulted on their views of the nursery at group times.


This week we are gathering more views from families at the start and end of our sessions.

P2031041 P2031045 P2031046

Thank you for all your input.