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Traditional Tales

We have been learning about the characters in traditional tales. We used the outdoor environment to act out some of our favourite stories.

A house of straw.
A house of sticks.
A house of bricks.
The Three Billy Goats Gruff.
Who’s that trip trapping over my bridge?



We made puppets to help us retell the stories.


We made our own Gingerbread Men. I hope they don’t run away!


Our Beetroot Harvest

We harvested our beetroot and noticed something unusual when we washed it…

Emily- “Look. The water is turning red!”

Lucy-” Your hands might get all red. I don’t want red hands!”



We used the red water to tie dye some material.


Eilidh- “You need lots of elastic bands.”



Emily- ” They look like lots of flowers. They are all pink.”

We then used the beetroot to make some tasty beetroot bread for snack.








The Willow Room have been learning about creatures who live under the sea and today Miss Davidson brought in a live lobster for us to see.

After we had investigated her and asked lots of questions to find out more, some of the children painted pictures of what they could see.

Rosalie’s mum came to nursery this afternoon and told us lots of interesting facts about lobsters. Did you know they can be right or left clawed just like we can be right or left handed?

Some of us were brave enough to touch the lobster
Some of us were brave enough to touch the lobster
We counted the lobsters legs
We counted the lobsters legs


We even looked underneath the lobster
We even looked underneath the lobster


A painting of the lobster
A painting of the lobster


A lobster's teeth are in its stomach
A lobster’s teeth are in its stomach
Our lobster had 12 brains
Our lobster had 12 brains




Glenwood Logo Design

P6060008   P6060009

A huge congratulations to Fatimah who designed the winning logo for Glenwood Family Centre in our recent logo design competition. A close runner up was Emily and her family. Both girls will receive a prize and Fatimah’s design will be used as our new logo next session including on all new uniforms.


The winner was selected by the children, families and staff of Glenwood, including our new children who attended our recent induction afternoon. Thank you to everyone who took part in designing a logo.

Transient Art

We have been learning about presenting artwork for an audience and to view others’ work. We are also learning to explore nature in different environments.  We used some natural materials we found outdoors to create transient art pictures for others to enjoy.P5231681

“I used compost, daisies and weeds to make my garden. I used a buttercup for the sun because it is yellow.”- Bodhi.P5231685

“There’s a spider in my garden, but you can’t really see it.” -Taylor.


Glenwood Logo Design Competition

Have you completed your entry for our logo design competition?

Having updated our Vision, Values and Aims we would like to update the Glenwood logo to better reflect this. We encourage you and your child to take part by designing a logo which will be printed on uniforms, paperwork etc. This cannot be too complicated or overly intricate. We are keeping the Glenwood colours of red and navy blue. Please use a black pen for your design on A4 paper and return by Thursday 26th May. Feel free to involve the whole family!


The Worm

We have been entertained by and have been participating in an Eco Drama called The Worm.

P3082810  P3142889

The children have been learning about the role worms have within the natural world. They are learning about composting and how food waste can be reduced and to respect the natural environment.

We have a wormery and the children have been exploring the worms as well as learning how to take care of them.


Burns Day Celebrations

The children of Glenwood have been celebrating the life and works of Robert Burns. They enjoyed a Burns Supper with haggis, neeps and tatties and welcomed Finlay’s grandfather to the nursery to play the bagpipes.


“We had haggis, tatties and neeps. I liked the haggis and tatties but I didn’t like the neeps.” Humna.

“Finlay’s grandpa was the bagpiper.” Sasha.

“The bagpipes were too noisy!” Louie.

” I didn’t think they were too loud. I liked them” Sasha.


Building blocks

Our young builders have been making plans and working with others as they build using the large and small blocks.









Block play provides children with opportunities to develop socially as they communicate and interact with others and to develop their imaginations through exploration. They faciliate the development of mathematical skills and motor skills as they lift, stack and balance.