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Glenwood Logo Design

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A huge congratulations to Fatimah who designed the winning logo for Glenwood Family Centre in our recent logo design competition. A close runner up was Emily and her family. Both girls will receive a prize and Fatimah’s design will be used as our new logo next session including on all new uniforms.


The winner was selected by the children, families and staff of Glenwood, including our new children who attended our recent induction afternoon. Thank you to everyone who took part in designing a logo.

Greenbank Gardens Wheelbarrow Competition


We are taking part in National Trust for Scotland’s annual wheelbarrow competition. Each year, local schools and nurseries design and plant a garden in a wheelbarrow for show in Greenbank Gardens. This year the theme is Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday celebrations. Children have planted a range of herbs, flowers and vegetables to create an ECO sensory garden. They have been busy making labels, flags, bunting and even a miniature Balmoral Castle. If you or your family or friends plan to visit Greenbank Gardens on Saturday 11th – Sunday 12th June please look out for our entry and don’t forget to vote. The winning wheelbarrow is the one which receives the most public votes.



Glenwood Sports Day 2016

We had a fantastic sports day thanks to the P7 sports leaders from Our Lady of the Missions Primary and Kerry Comerford, the active schools co-ordinator.


The children practised many skills including balancing, galloping, running, throwing, dribbling a ball and skipping. Well done to staff and children alike for all the energy and enthusiasm shown. And thankfully the rain stayed away (just about!).





Even Hamish McHaggis joined in the fun!


Children in Need

The children of Glenwood worked hard to raise funds for Children in Need. They made spotty Pudsey bandages for teddies and sold these for a donation. A lot of money was collected and the children had to sort all the notes and coins and count the money.

PB130234 PB130238 PB130239 PB160241

Thank you to everyone who donated to this worthwhile charity. Glenwood Family Centre raised £243.11. Well done!

ECO day- Saturday 30th May

A HUGE thank you to all the staff, children, parents and grandparents who mucked in with the garden during our recent ECO day! The gardens look great and the sun shone!

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“I was planting with Miss Cunningham.” Harry.

“I was playing and working. I was working with my mummy. I helped her find weeds in the mud.” Cian.

“I got weeds too.” Cameron.

“My dad was doing the wheelbarrow with the sand. I was planting flowers with my mummy.” Sophie.

“I was planting strawberries with Sophie’s gran at the slide.” Olivia.

“I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t want to get my hands messy. My daddy did the slabs and the bench and I found worms. I put them on a log I found in the school playground.” Shreya.





We have been learning about Fairtrade goods and what it means to be fairtrade. We use fairtrade goods whenever possible such as for our Coffee and Chats and for some of the snack foods available to the children. We use Fairtrade tea leaves on on the light board for sensory exploration. The children can recognise the logo and are producing a display of Fairtrade goods.

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From Wednesday 18th-Friday 20th February we  have a broad selection of Fairtrade goods available in the nursery for purchase. The Fairtrade stall is manned by staff, parents and children. Thank you to everyone who is supporting this venture.

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