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Writing workshop

34. writing- letter formation

Mrs Husbands and Mrs Brown hosted a parent workshop on Early Writing on Thursday 29th January. This focused on

  • the importance of gross motor skills such as large movements involving the shoulder joints, elbows and wrists
  • developing fine motor skills including using scissors, threading, malleable materials (like playdough)
  • early mark making indoors and outdoors
  • the stages of early writing
  •  correct letter formation

Information sheets including recipes for playdough and correct letter formation are available from the office.

whole body movements      14. cutting and sticking cropped    19. playdough

Christmas Dinner!

The children of Glenwood suggested we have Christmas dinner for snack so the children prepared and enjoyed a tasty meal of brussels sprouts, carrots, peas, mashed potato and sage and onion stuffing.

‘ We peeled the potatoes and the brussels sprouts.’ -Isabella and Rachel.

‘I had potatoes, peas and carrots. I love peas.’- Lucy

‘It was good.’- Eamon

‘I ate up all of the carrots and the potatoes and I ate one pea.’- James