Transition to School

Thank you to those who came to the session on moving on to school.

We are glad that you found it useful and thank you for your feedback which will help us plan our programme.

About transition to school…

“Confident in understanding the process.”

“Very confident – looking forward to primary school.”

“Feel Glenwood has well prepared my daughter.”

“Very confident with the process – hoping our son settles quickly.”

What matters to your child…


“Lunchtime, playing, seeing my brother and having a good time.”

“Squashing worries about homework.”

“Who his teacher will be.”

What matters to you…

“Smooth transition. Enjoyable, fun learning experience.”

“That my child is ready and independent enough to enjoy school.”

“School to understand my child’s needs.”

“That he is happy and feeling confident and secure about the move.”


The link to the presentation is below and if you have any further questions, please ask.

Moving On to School


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