Welcome back!

Over the last few days we have enjoyed exploring the new layout of the nursery and being able to choose where we can play. Here are some photographs of just some of the things we can choose…

We can make models and collages here.







We can work with our friends at the computer.







It is tricky using the mouse!







We remember to write our names on our drawings before we put them in the tray.






This week we have investigated gloop and pasta as well as shaving foam.






There are drying racks to put our paintings on.








Lots of jigsaws to choose from!






Reading stories together.







The sand feels good on our bare feet.







Lots of curious things to explore in the Quiet Room.






Making up stories in the construction area.







We always have a healthy snack.







Climbing trees in Toadstool Tales.







We built a shelter to keep the rain off!







Floating and sinking in the water tray.






Using the tools at the woodwork bench.








We are looking forward to showing our new friends around when they come to Glenwood.

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