Let’s Play

At Glenwood Family Centre this summer parents/carers and children were invited along to take part in a new project called ‘Let’s Play’. Parents had the opportunity to take part in three workshops with Gillian Thorburn (Educational Psychologist) and Lissa Duffy (Depute Head of Centre at Carlibar Family Centre)and staff from Glenwood where they were given information on attachment theory and nurturing approaches, the benefits of play and the adults role in facilitating and scaffolding during play. They were then given time to play with their children in the playroom.

 Each day had a different theme.

Day one we had ‘Let’s get messy’ where parents and children had fun using their senses to explore glitter shaving foam. Older and younger siblings were invited along too and had loads of fun making their own play dough and exploring cold slimy spaghetti that we had put out in the tough spot.

Day two was ‘Let’s get risky’ where parents/carers and children had the opportunity to use a variety of tools and materials at the woodwork station to make their own models. They used glue guns, hammers, nails and drills, giving them the opportunity to learn how to use tools safely and build some amazing models which they took home.

Day three was ‘Let’s use our imaginations’. This was a great day to show that children don’t need expensive toys to play with and that everyday items we have in the house can be used. We had scarfs, bangles, cardboard boxes, sheets, string and clothes pegs for families to dress up and take part in den building. We put other resources out to encourage children to make up their own stories including puppets, dinosaurs and animals.

Parent comments

“It was great being able to take part in activities that were suitable for both my children. I now have loads of messy play ideas that don’t cost a lot of money and are easy to do like making play dough and gloop.”

“Not only did I have loads of fun by my older child was desperate to come back after day one and loved using all the tools at the woodwork bench to make a model, she was very proud of it.”

“I was really interested on hearing about how the baby brain develops and about child directed play. The sessions helped me to understand why play is so important for my children.”

“It was so much fun.”

“Love the idea of the cornflour mix. Brilliant texture and loads of fun.”

“It was more like speaking with friends. We were all learning together.”

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