The Great Coconut Challenge


The children are learning about where food comes from and trying unusual foods. We decided to buy a coconut to try in nursery but we did not know how to open it.

“Coconuts come from palm trees. Monkeys eat them, they smash them on the rocks.” Lucas and Isaac McG.


“Smash it with a hammer.” Sai.

“This won’t break with a hammer. It is too hard. I think I like coconut but only a little bit.” Bodhi.

“Crack it with a rock.” Lucas and Holly.

“Cut it with a knife.” Isaac McK.

“Something metal to bash it.” Joel.


“It is hard to break open.” Ben.


“Look, I just cracked it off the ground.” Holly.


“That was a good idea, smashing off the wall.” Leo.


“I like it when the milk comes out. It looks like water. ” Bodhi.


“Milk comes form cows and it’s different milk.” Louie.



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