Glenwood Vision, Values and Aims


Since our change to Family Centre, we have been reviewing our Vision, Values and Aims with families, children and staff. We gathered the views of everyone in a range of ways.  We hope our new Vision, Values and Aims truly reflect what Glenwood really stands for.

Glenwood word-cloud

Vision, values and aims

G.I.R.F.E.C approach.  We strive to ‘Get it Right for Every Child’ (G.I.R.F.E.C).  We work in partnership with Parents/Carers, professionals and other agencies to meet the individual needs of the child.

Listen to one another.  Ideas and thoughts of all stakeholders are listened to and valued.

Excellent opportunities for ‘Learning for a Better World’.  We are rights respecting, eco-friendly and appreciate the wonders of the outdoors.

Nurturing, safe and stimulating environment where children are supported and challenged in their learning.

Welcoming and friendly ethos which is inclusive to all.

Outstanding learning opportunities both indoors and outdoors.  Children have opportunities to learn, develop and be challenged in their learning, reaching their full potential.

Others’ beliefs, values and opinions.  We respect and value others.  We encourage stakeholders to share their diverse beliefs, values and opinions as we learn together about the people within our community.

Dedicated, enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff.  Staff responding to the interests and needs of the children, the children will become Confident Individuals, Successful Learners, Effective Contributors and Responsible Citizens.

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