Transition to School

At our recent information session for parents, Mrs Husbands and Mrs Brown shared the following information for parents of pre-school children-

What parents and children can expect at school:

  • continuous curriculum at the Early Level (Curriculum for Excellance 3-18)
  • more structure while still continuing active learning
  • each school will have an induction programme in addition to the nursery programme
  • information shared with schools by the nursery- GIRFEC, summative reports and STINT plans where applicable

School Groups:

  • the group is taken once a week in nursery for 30/45 minutes
  • sharing thoughts, understanding about school, asking questions
  • focus on literacy, numeracy and health & wellbeing (Fun friends strategies, independence skills, concentration, working cooperatively, finishing tasks…)
  • class teachers are invited to join us for sessions when possible
  • Travelling Hamish – each child will have a turn to take Hamish and his Whirrybang on an adventure, fill in his diary and share their experience with the group!

Preparing your child for school:

  • promote literacy and numeracy through natural opportunities – writing at the child’s own level
  • encourage independence – carrying own bag, getting dressed, eating with a knife and fork, following instructions…
  • gross & fine motor skills – spacial awareness, scissors, hopping, skipping…

There is a list of the school groups posted on the nursery window.

Hamish McHaggis Meet Hamish. He loves going on adventures and journeys and will visit the homes of all our pre-school children as part of their journey towards school.

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