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Welcome to EHS Geography!

Why study Geography?
Geography is no longer about maps, capital cities and countries. Nowadays pupils learn about the Earth, rivers, oceans, mountains and about people and their relationships with their surroundings. Geography helps us understand our world and makes it a more interesting place in which to live. It helps us make sense of news events and what is going on around us. It also helps us understand ways of life that are different from our own and makes travel and meeting people more exciting.

Geography is your passport to the world!

At BGE level, you will study:

-Scotland: Our World
-John Muir Award

-Empty Lands
-Earth Forces


In the Senior Phase, you will study:


Higher:                                                                                                                                  The Physical Environment: Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Lithosphere and the Biosphere.
The Human Environment: aspects of Population, Rural and Urban geography with different case studies from around the world.
The Global Issues – Development and Health and Global Climate Change.
Geographical Skills – assesses skills in context drawn from across the course: Mapping, Research, Numerical and Graphical Data.

Advanced Higher:                                                                                                        Unit 1 Geographical Methods and Techniques –the emphasis in this unit is on fieldwork, statistical analysis and mapping
Unit 2 The Geographical Study – this unit develops the skills from unit 1 into a dissertation
Unit 3 Geographical Issues – this unit stands alone since it is based around the topics covered in the Higher course


Welcome to EHS History!

Here at Eastwood, our young historians embark on an exciting journey through the past and study topics such as witchcraft and magic, conspiracy theories and the horrors of slavery.

Why study History?
Without understanding our past, we cannot understand our present!

Studying History allows you to explore some of the most interesting events and civilisations in our world. As historians you will discover the mysteries behind JFK’s assassination, crazy and gory medical cures and the unusual activities and beliefs of groups like the Ku Klux Klan and the Nazi party! History helps you understand different cultures and helps you to appreciate your understanding of Scotland, Europe and the wider world! As Theodore Roosevelt once said – ‘The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.’
Without understanding our past, we cannot understand our present!

At BGE level you will study:

-The 1960s
-Medicine Through the Ages

-Democracy and Dictatorship
-Magic and Sorcery: The Scottish Witch Hunts
-Modern Studies taster module

-Free at Last
-Migration and Empire

In the Senior Phase, you will study:

-The Atlantic Slave Trade

Higher:                                                                                                                                       -Britain, 1851−1951 – Studying issues such as democracy in Britain, women’s rights and poverty and war.
-The Crusades, 1071−1204 – Studying the gory battles of the First Crusade and Third Crusade
-The Wars of Independence, 1249–1328 – Exploring the fight for independence between Scotland and England.

Advanced Higher:                                                                                                                –Germany: from democracy to dictatorship, 1918–1939 – Examining the steps in Hitler’s rise to power.

Modern Studies

Welcome to EHS Modern Studies!

“Miss, I totally disagree!” “Good, now tell me why?”

Why study Modern Studies?
There has never been a more interesting time to engage with Modern Studies!
Modern Studies offers such an insight to the world around us and really gets to the heart of what’s going on in society. Now more than ever, there are questions, changes, and challenges to overcome. Modern Studies highlights our place in society (be it in our own community, Scotland, the UK or around the world) and challenges us to make our mark, to be empowered! It is a truly unique subject and will give you so much more than a qualification; it will enable you to make informed decisions that affect your future. Remember, knowledge is power.

In Modern Studies, you will develop your understanding of the principles of democracy and citizenship, values, and conflict of ideas through critical and independent thinking. You will also explore and evaluate different types of sources and evidence helping sharpen your decision-making skills.

At BGE level you will study:

-Modern Studies taster module (Mock Class Election)

-Crime and the Law
-Democracy in Scotland

-International Terrorism

In the Senior Phase, you will study:

Higher:                                                                                                                                      –-Democracy in Scotland and the UK
-Social Inequalities
-Underdevelopment issues in Africa

Advanced Higher:                                                                                                              –-Law and Order and Research Methods
-Understanding the Criminal Justice System
-Understanding criminal behaviour
-Response by society to crime
-Social Science research methods


Welcome to EHS Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies (RMPS)!

Why study RMPS?
RMPS aims to help pupils develop a range of skills and values essential to life in the modern world. The subject is offered to all S1-S4 pupils two periods a week, with the opportunity to progress with the subject at National 5 or Higher level. Pupils will explore some of the beliefs, practices and traditions of the world’s major religions, such as Buddhism, Islam and Christianity. Learning about moral issues also enhances a young person’s understanding of potential real-life situations they could experience, and develop a sense of right from wrong, exploring topics such as Medical Ethics, Human Rights and Crime and Punishment. Pupils will also be able to develop their skills of analysis, evaluation and critical thinking through exploring philosophical issues such as the origins of the universe and origins of life.

At BGE level, you will study:

S1: Human Rights; Hinduism; Introduction to Philosophy.

S2: Animal Rights; Sikhism; Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI).

S3: Origins of Life; Religion, Medicine and the Human Body (Euthanasia; The Treatment of Embryos)

In the Senior Phase, you will study:

-Religion, Medicine and the Human Body (The Treatment of Embryos continued)
-Islam or Buddhism

-Morality and Justice

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