S3 Curricular Choices

Eastwood High School S2 into S3 Curricular Choices will be taking place this term during the week beginning 18th January. All courses available to Eastwood High pupils are detailed in the S2 into S3 Option Choice Booklet.

Please take some time over the coming weeks to read the information available and consider all options before making an informed choice. Please encourage your child to give careful consideration to their choices as, given the current uncertain circumstances, changes to original choices at a later date may be limited.

Curricular choices take the form of a column structure at this stage – the available columns are found on the final page of the booklet linked above. Please note the following important points regarding your child’s options:

  • Pupils, in consultation with their parents/guardians, should complete their option choices on the Microsoft Form
  • Pupils must select one choice only from each column in the booklet
  • A choice must be selected from every column, no column can be left blank
  • Levels (ie National 3/4/5) will not be finalised until the end of the BGE
  • Your son/daughter’s S2 report, available on Parent Portal, should offer advice from current teachers about subject progress.
  • Finalised choices will be discussed with Pastoral Care staff before submission – you will receive a call from Pastoral staff during the week beginning 18th January
  • While we will do our best to accommodate all options, choices are provisional on staffing and timetable constraints. Any required amendments will be discussed directly with those affected once the timetable is available (around April/May 2021).

Please check your emails for information and link to the option choice form.