SQA Results

Your examination results will arrive on 4th August by post; and by text or email if you have signed up to MySQA. Please call your school if you do not receive your results by 1pm on 4th August.

The SQA’s Candidate Advice Line (0345 279 1000) and Skills Development Scotland Exam Results Helpline (0808 100 8000) can provide advice from 8am on 4th August.

Post Certification Reviews

Your school is currently reviewing how final grades compared to those estimated and checking school based evidence that could support appeals. Pastoral staff are also aware of all outstanding College or University conditional offers and will consider Priority Post Certification Reviews where possible. School staff will contact you directly if they would like to appeal on your behalf.
Post Certification Reviews require your approval and can only be requested by the school. How we identify and process Post Certification Reviews is summarised in our ‘leaflet for parents and candidates’.

Click here for leaflet.

For URGENT Appeals (University applicants) – to school by 10 August
For all other Appeals – to school by 17 August

Good Luck !