Following on from last year’s successful ‘Towards a litter-free East Renfrewshire’ campaign, the Environmental Department is running a new initiative which raises awareness of the impact of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) on the environment and will also include an amnesty for small appliances that are broken or no longer in use, which will then be sent for recycling.

We are looking for any small WEEE that they may have lurking in drawers at home, such as old computer consoles, hair-dryers, Ipods, mobile phones and chargers etc.


November and December Reminders

Some dates to remember for November / December …


4th Nov – P1.2 & 1.3 visiting Library

5th Nov – P4.1 swimming lessons start

11th Nov – P6 to MCHS for “Choices for Champions” event (shirt & tie must be worn)

11th & 12th Nov – Parents meetings (4pm-7pm) (no clubs)

13th Nov – School and Nursery photos (shirt & tie must be worn)

16th Nov – Parent Council Meeting @ 7.15pm

18th Nov – P6 ski lessons start (bring school uniform to change into after lesson)


4th Dec – Last day for clubs until Monday 11th January 2016 (except P7 Debating club

4th Dec – P2-7 pupils trip to Citizens Theatre (shirt & tie must be worn)

5th Dec – Parent Council Christmas Fayre

11th Dec – P1 & 2 Christmas Show (9.45am-10.30am)

17th Dec – P1 & 2 Christmas Party

18th Dec – P3-7 Christmas Parties

21st Dec – Early lunch (12.15pm) & Church Service (1.30pm)

22nd Dec – Non-uniform day – jeans and Christmas jumpers & School & Nursery closes early at 2.30pm


11th & 12th November – Parents Evening: Appointment letters have recently been sent to parents.  If you cannot attend the day and time given, please contact the school office.


13th Nov – Photos: School and Nursery photos will be taken on 13th November and we ask that School pupils wear their shirt and tie that day.  The photographers will take photos of siblings, together with the individual photos (photos are for pupils attending the school or nursery only).  There will also be a class photo taken for P1 and P7 pupils.


4th December – Christmas Show, Citizens Theatre: P2-7 pupils will be going to see Rapunzel on 4th December.  Pupils should wear their shirt and tie and bring a small snack for the theatre. Nursery and P1 pupils will be seeing a Puppet Show in the school at a later date.


11th Dec – P1 & 2 Christmas Show: This year the show will take place at 9.45am-10.30am on 11th December – further information will be sent out in due course.


17th December – P1&2 Christmas Party: The party will be held after lunch in the gym hall with special visitor coming if the children are good.  Pupils should bring party clothes to change into after lunch.


18th December – P3-7 Christmas Parties: Parties will be held after lunch in classrooms – pupils should bring party clothes to change into after lunch.


21st December: Pupils will be attending church for our Christmas Service on Monday 21st December at 1.30pm. The collection will be taken to raise money for Shelter. Parents are more than welcome to join us.  The school will be having an early lunch from 12.15pm to 1.00pm on that day.  Children should wear white shirt, tie and grey trousers/skirt and wear blue/dark jackets.


22nd December: Non-uniform day – jeans and Christmas jumpers (Christmas colour can be worn, please don’t go and buy a jumper especially for the day!).  No charity collection being take, just for fun on the last day.


Return to School

Pupils return to school on Wednesday 6th January 2016.

Convoy to Calais





The ER Convoy to Calais has had magnificent support from the schools and nurseries in our communities. I’ve been amazed and made proud by the generosity of schools and parents.  The convoy leaves this Thursday evening and, as we promised, there is an open invitation to pupils, staff and parents to come along to the departure. We leave after school hours, so I know this will be a decision for each family to make.


To help us extend the invitation to all your parents, could you please post this message on your school websites, Facebook and twitter, if you have them?


“The East Renfrewshire Convoy to Calais leaves this Thursday at 8pm from the car park of ER Council HQ in Eastwood Park, Giffnock. They are taking the largest single donation from anywhere in Scotland.  Schools and nurseries from all over East Renfrewshire responded with overwhelming generosity to the appeal.  All parents, children and staff are invited to be there for the send-off. The convoy organisers want to give the families who contributed the opportunity to see their donations leave, and to send the convoy off in style.


We hope you can join us.


Margaret Pettigrew

Digital Communication and Online School Payments

Digital Communication and Online School Payments


ERC have created a short survey for parents/carers to capture your views on both preferred methods of general communications with schools/pre-five establishments and your thoughts regarding the online payment solution.


If you would like to add your views, please click on the survey link below.




You will all be aware of the plight of refugees mainly from Syria and the efforts many of you have already made to send aid to charitable or aid organisations to support families who now find themselves homeless and in great need of help.  Councillor Waters from ERC is co-ordinating aid to those who are held in refugee camps in Calais and is organising a convoy which leaves on Thursday 29th October and is asking parents to donate items which will give some comfort to children and families caught in this tragic situation.

Things which are much needed and in very short supply are:

  • small torches;
  • double AA batteries for torches;
  • tea lights; and
  • jars and packets of ready to eat baby food.

The general list the Aid organisations are asking for include:

  • warm clothing for men and boys;
  • waterproof clothing for men and boys;
  • sturdy footwear for men, women and children (all sizes and all ages);
  • camping equipment in working order;
  • basic toiletries (soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste etc); and,
  • transportable food (anything non-perishable, e.g. tinned food, rice etc).

The group will accept other types of clothing donations as they will always find a use for them.

Councillor Waters’ group will collect any items you have on Friday 23rd October and we would ask that donations be brought to school first thing that morning.


October/November Reminders

October/November Reminders …


5th Oct – Walk to School Week

5th Oct – Sponsored Bounce (Parent Council event)

5th Oct – Parent Council Meeting @ 7.15pm

8th Oct – School Open Hour (9.30am) (Nursery open hour 8.50am and 12.50pm)

9th Oct – In-service day (school closed)

12th – 16th Oct – Mid-term Holiday

22nd Oct – P3 visiting the Windfarm

22nd October – P4 visiting the Museum of Rural Life

22nd October – P1 Autumn walk

26th Oct – P1 Parent & Child Sports sessions

28th Oct – Harvest Assembly

29th Oct – Halloween Disco (Parent Council event)


4th Nov – P1.2 & 1.3 visiting Library

5th Nov – P4.1 swimming lessons start

11th Nov – P6 to MCHS for “Choices for Champions” event (shirt & tie must be worn)

11th & 12th Nov – Parents meetings (4pm-7pm) (no clubs)

13th Nov – School and Nursery photos (shirt & tie must be worn)

16th Nov – Parent Council Meeting @ 7.15pm

18th Nov – P6 ski lessons start (bring school uniform to change into after lesson)





The school is already lending out items of gym kit for pupils who have forgotten theirs – please ensure your child comes to school on the relevant day with their complete kit, including socks, shorts and polo shirts.  Some gym sessions can be subject to change and those taken by the Class Teacher are held on alternate weeks, however full gym kit should be kept in school for such occasions.


Monday                        P1, P4, P5, P6, P7

Tuesday           P2, P3, P4 and P6

Wednesday      P1, P2 and P3

Thursday          P1, P5, P6 and P7

Friday              P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P7


Hair Bobbles and Tape for Earings

There is still a high demand from the school office for hair bobbles and tape for pierced ears on gym days.  Please ensure your child has their hair pulled back on their gym days and, if their ears are pierced, they MUST have tape in their bags to tape their ears or let them know whether they are allowed to take their earings out for gym.


Water Bottles

The school is quite warm, even on cold days, therefore we would be grateful if ALL pupils could bring a water bottle to school to keep them hydrated through the day.


Lost Property

Our lost property bin is filling up already – please ensure that ALL items that your child brings to school are named, including lunch boxes and black plimsoles.  We would also be grateful if, when parents notice their child has brought back the wrong uniform they return it to the school as soon as possible so it can be returned to its rightful owner!


Walk to school week – Monday 5th to Thursday 9th October 

The Walking Bus will be running every day during Walk to school Week!  We hope to make this the most successful Walk to School Week ever by having a huge Walking Bus!  The Walking Bus is a great way for children to exercise whilst socialising with their peers and encourages all to take an active approach in their own health and well-being.


If your child would like to join the Walking Bus, simply turn up on the day at one of the stops detailed below.  We look forward to seeing you there!


8:30amStop 1 – Top of Lynn Drive  (at local shops)
8:45amStop 2 – Outside Library
8:50amStop 3 – Opposite Eglinton Arms


Harvest Assembly – Wednesday 28th October

In recent years the school has delivered as many as 200 bags of goodies to Senior Citizens within our community and we thank you for your generosity.  This year we hope to do the same again, perhaps even more!  A letter will be sent out nearer the time detailing what each year group should bring, etc.

Fostering and Adoption

As you will be aware East Renfrewshire Council Fostering and Adoption team have had a recent advertising  campaign to try and recruit foster carers.  To date they have had a good response however they are keen to attract more carers.

Could I please ask that the following  short blurb be sent out by all establishments by text, twitter and facebook(if available)  to all parents and carers.  Your ICT coordinators may also be able to upload this advert on to the school website.


East Renfrewshire needs new foster carers, we need you.



Lost Property

Unnamed items in lost property are accumulating already:


EPS school coat age 7/8

EPS school coat age 3 /4

Next blue coat age 12

F&F blue cardigan age 9/10

George blue jumper age 8/9

M&S blue cardigan age 5/6

EPS yellow polo shirt age 11/12

EPs yellow polo shirt size 32in


If any of the above items belong to your child, please send them to the office ASAP to claim them.  Unclaimed items will be send to the recycling bins at the Library of 25th September.


Please ensure that ALL items sent to school are names so that we can easily return them to their rightful owners.


Bus Shelter

TREE would just like to say what a wonderful weekend we have spent painting the bus shelter.  Your pupils, and their parents turned up and painted with such enthusiasm and concentration.

Our bulb giveaway also proved very successful with over 2000 bulbs, bluebells and daffodils, being handed out for people to plant in specific areas around the village.  Looking forward to next spring now!  This weekend has certainly lifted our profile in the village!  The next event will be The Grand Opening and we will keep you posted on that.

bus 1 bus 2 bus 3 bus 4

Bus Shelter Competition

The Brief

TREE (The Regeneration of Eagleshams Environment) is a local community organisation.  With funding from the Whitelee Wind Farm Fund they plan to improve the local environment through bulb planting, tree planting, planters and general tidying up of the village. TREE are painting a mural, designed by an Eaglesham Primary School pupil, on the bus shelter at the Eglinton Arms Hotel.

To design a mural for the bus shelter at the Eglinton Arms Hotel.

  • The design must ‘flow’ from one section to the next
  • Think about the surrounding area
  • Think about village life

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to get involved in the future of your local environment and become a street art artist!

The Winning Design

The judges could not choose one winning design so they chose ten! The ten designs and final outcome are displayed at the Eaglesham Library. The winners took a trip to the library today to see their winning design and collect a fantastic prize.

DSC00059 DSC00061 DSC00068 DSC00071 DSC00074


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